Comments - The poet's heart.

Ray at 2006-11-25

A future legend, I'm sure

debbylyn ( F P C D ) at 2006-12-05

This is absolutely beautiful and so true how lost love can kill the poetry in a poet's heart...sometimes forever. Well done....amazing!

Rachel Barnett ( F P C D ) at 2006-12-20

Excellent. You are very talented. I enjoy reading your work!

Amber at 2006-12-21

Wow this is great! its reelie deep. you have a lot of talent.

Lovely Bones ( F C D ) at 2006-12-24

Wow. I don't usually like long poems like this, but I loved this poem so much that I was actually craving more at the end. You have such a way with sweet words, and you express things so vividly yet softly. Utterly beautiful.

God Bless,

thegirlyoulovetohate at 2007-04-30

This poem is georgeous. absolutely lovely darling. i didn't know that words could sound so beautiful until just now. deff 5/5.
xxoo darling

Wallace ( F P C D ) at 2007-05-12

Amazing poem, you truly have a talent, excellent work. Check out some of my poems when you have the time.

Best Wishes

sabrina at 2007-05-15

This was a really good poem and it ha really toched me and i like it and it will be sent to all my friends and i am shure that they will like it to and send it to theiir friend to so thank you for writting this poem.

gabriella ( C ) at 2007-05-17

Wow. thats all i can say. i wish icould find lvoe likethat. keep up the good workit was soo perfect. 5/5

nai at 2007-05-20

This is such a god poem, i really enjoyed reading it and it tells a beautiful story.

m00ngurl at 2007-05-26

It's really nive i love how u make it rymn, i'm still finding words in m for that, love the poem, love how the story within it ends...real nice... =)

chelsea lanoue at 2007-05-28

I like this..... 5/5

Cassie at 2007-06-03

My first words after i read this was "wow".
That was beautiful.Great job

Zack O.o ( F C ) at 2007-06-04

I totally dont get it mind explaining?

Gazelle at 2007-06-08

Loved it so cool

Anna Marie at 2007-06-18

Those words...those beautiful words you write. You fill me full of sadness and yet a sweet delight...


Chelsea at 2007-06-18

Aww i love ur poem!! this is my favorite line: "They were lost when I lost you."

Viola x MyBrokenSmile x ( F P C D ) at 2007-06-20

Wow i really really LOVE this poem. especially the last stanza. it's incredibly good. the emotion is portrayed so well. great job! keep it up =]

heather ( C ) at 2007-06-23

You used the word poet and lot but other than that very good .

And the words will quickly flow again,
From my thoughts, to hand... to book,
I'll not write of God or Heaven,
When upon your face I look

that was my fav part . i really liked when you wrote from my thoughts , to hand ... to book ,

M Douglas Hoss ( F P C D ) at 2007-06-24

I reaslly felt what you did here

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