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Marissa at 2006-11-21

HeY WeLl I ReALlY lOvEd yOuR pOeM!!!

YeA WeLl nO bOy Is wOrTh yOuR TeArs!!!!

Chantelle at 2006-11-21

Good job on ur poem!

Marissa at 2006-11-21


Brisa ( F C ) at 2006-11-21

Great poem. i really do agree with what your poem is trying to say. great job =]

; (Dark Angel...gaby at 2006-11-21

I luv dis poem it really match me i went through the same thing,i feel u.

ivon verdugo at 2006-11-21

I like this poem alot. its really good. u deserve a 5.

mary at 2006-11-22

Whoa awesome poem!!

steve ( F C D ) at 2006-12-22

Wow! that was fantastic, it was so perfect the flow, the rhymes, the blunt honest truth, terrific 5/5

jazmin at 2007-05-07

Go get em female!!!! he aint worth anything if he cheated!!! this poem just made me realize dat my ex is just garbage and i can do better.... cheaters never change and dont desearve anothe chance!! thank u!!!!! good job!!!!

Lozbi ( F C D ) at 2007-07-04

I'm a bit lost for words after reading this. I mean i absolutely loved it and i wish i could realise and move on like that. Your poems really move me and i am definetly putting you into my faves.
take care

Marc Ortiz ( F P C D ) at 2007-07-06

Woah.. And again another beautifully penned work.. The ending was perfect.. It summarizes the whole poem.. Flow was flawless..

5/5 as always.

Viola x MyBrokenSmile x ( F P C D ) at 2007-08-02

Wow well this really amazed me.
again your poems present such a unique but truthful view (i really think you're quite mature for your age btw).
i'm glad you realized he wasn't worth you..cause really no guy that cheats is!
in this one I especailly loved this stanza:

No matter how much it hurts,
Or how many tears you've shed.
It was your fault for believing,
The lies that you were fed.

It really spoke to me. I feel the same way about a guy right now. Sometimes we're just too taken away by love to see clearly..thus the expression Love is Blind!
but anyways, the poem was great..i LOVE it. absolutely true and very meaningful.
keep it up! =]

Gloria ( F P C D ) at 2007-11-29

Omg i can totally aint even funny!!!

5/5..if i could i would give u 10/5 lol

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