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Barry ( F C ) at 2007-03-11

Very sad poem....beautifully written


Dixiedaisy ( F P C D ) at 2007-03-29

The more work I read of yours the more intense it becomes. Your soul shows through your work and is truly the heart of what makes it flow. This is beautiful. I am glad that I had the oppurtunity to read your work. Welcome to my favorites.
Love It...

Brittney Schmelter ( F P C D ) at 2007-04-15

Oh I really love this one. Sad yet beautiful. Thank you by the way "deceit" I was trying to figure out how to spell it.. i tried looking it up ... but I finally gave up and stuck with disseat.. lol .. Beautiful poem! It's so sad. I'm repeating myself... I loved it how you put Broken in but changed the word after. I thought that was really cool. Again your rhyming and vocab was amazing. Magneficient! Loved this part:

... I went to highlight my favorite part... and I ended up highlighting the whole thing.. lol ..

Wonderful Write!


Luisito ( F C ) at 2007-04-24

Cant explain how much I liked this poem, from start to finish...brought back some many forgotten emotions...Great job Rachel...5/5

MeGGie ( F ) at 2007-05-03

Love it.. 5/5

Parker ( F P C D ) at 2007-05-06

This is a really special poem. I really like it a lot, and the rhythm of it is so.. pefect. It was fun to read, too. Amazing poem!

ironic disguise ( F P C D ) at 2007-05-08

Good poem. even with the repetition of broken i couldnt imagine it any other way. you are exelent at showing the emotion in a poem. great work.

juicylips2kiss at 2007-05-12


Shantisa Winning ( F P C ) at 2007-05-15

OMG!!! That was sooo amazing!!

Angelfire ( F P C ) at 2007-06-05

"Broken spirit, love of sorrow,
stolen now is my tomorrow.
Broken life, love is lost,
Broken now and that's the cost. "

These were my favorite lines. I'm not sure of the connotations you meant to convey, but i took "broken spirit, love of sorrow" to mean that although we know the fragility of our hearts, we give them away anyway. Wonderful writing.

nikki ( F C D ) at 2007-06-05

Wow it was awesome, so deep and the rythem was great. the flow was perfect and i just i loved it. i gave you a 5/5 and added you to my fave's, maybe if you have some time you could check my poems out. i'd love to hear what you think.

artisticksoul at 2007-06-05

I like the poems, you lost the flow for a minute but i think you picked it up nicely.

Gazelle at 2007-06-08

Its pretty cool I got to addmite it. Im not so good at writing short poetry. It starts out short but ends alot longer than expected. Ha

cj at 2007-07-07

I loved this!!!

AudreyBouton at 2007-07-26

This poem is amazing <3

xDeadVampirePrincessx ( F P C ) at 2007-08-18

This is so good. i luv it <333

Kitten ( F C D ) at 2007-08-28

Omg this poem is absolutely wonderful i love it!!!! 5/5!

Take care

noturaveragelady at 2008-01-10


Lynnette ( F P C ) at 2008-02-03

WOW!!!! Now that was hot and I really like the way this flowed and the set up of the poem. I can relate to this. Well done

TearsFallingForOnlyYou ( F ) at 2008-02-11


soooo sweet and sad at the same time

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