Comments - Because You Loved Me

HvN Tonight I Cry ( F P C D ) at 2009-06-05

Beautiful poem, straight from the heart! Your flow and ryme was amazing. I've seen other people try poems like this, and reapeating the same line to finsh off every stanza got annoying quick, but in your case it got better and better.


keep up the good work!

Angel Tears ( F C ) at 2009-08-03

Excellent! This was absolutely beautiful. I could feel the emotion flowing from the words. This really touched me.

HisPetNeko ( F P C D ) at 2009-09-23

Again just beautiful, wow that left me speechless. I usually dont like love peoms but this really touched me, there was so much emotion and gave a wonderful feeling and mental image.. lovely 5/5

PinkyPrincess ( F P C D ) at 2009-10-24

Awww... this is such a beautiful poem! I love it... Great jooobbb!! :)

Broken Wing ( F P C D ) at 2010-07-31

WwwawWw..such an amazing peace let me tell u that ! Very powerful and sweet.
SO ffull of all the gifts real love gives us when
its true
he harmony
the peace
the happiness...the strength..the confidence..the aims for 2morrow..
and u did talk about all these...

My spirit soared upon the wind
My dreams returned so sweet again
A rose felt soft, the birds flew free
All this and more, because you loved me
>>i mean how how happiness is stated here through ur words ...and ur imaginative happiness filled everything around obvious ur concept..well done !

A heart once broken begins to heal
An empty soul begins to feel
Eyes once misty begin to see
>> yes love give us strength again..makes us forget our pains...give us hope for morrow
and helps us to move ahead and feel better through bitter !
well done again

Fairies dance in fantasy
Upon the shores of an emerald sea
Passions fire fulfilled in dreams
Sensual longings, because you loved me
>>> i feel joy...i feel peace here and i feel so much
passion and sweet

My mind ,my heart , my soul agree
I am at peace, because you loved me
>> what an ending u like just summed all ha above lines in how this had made feel... im so impressed..ur thoughts about close to mine..i love ur work
ur so talented
keep it up ! 5/5

Alone ( F P C D ) at 2011-07-29

Awww. i wish this happen with me... a good form of love story... 5/5

Tracy D Rollings ( F P C D ) at 2012-04-19

This is a very good poem, filled with love , something i enjoy reading, you did a great job , keep it up , TDR 5/5

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