Comments - To My Unborn Child...

Jessica at 2005-08-09

Oh my goodness..this poem was amazing. Only the best,,<3

stephanie Heyer at 2005-08-09

this is a very touching heartfelt poem your son is lucky to have a dad like you

stephanie Heyer at 2005-08-09

this is an awesome poem your son is lucky to have a daddy like you he will be proud to know you wrote him something so special in years to come

Seth Rowley ( F C ) at 2005-08-09

Hey man i love that poem of yours, you have given your son, some great advice, i hope your son lives by that advice you have given him, because there are not too many fathers out there who give their sons good advice at all, my father gave me great advice and i turned out to be a real good man, my father cared for me, when half of the time my mom wasn't there for me, but i still love my mom just as much as my dad, but i got alot more respect for my dad, but anyways i give you all the credit in the world for that magnificient poem, that you made, i hope your life is grand with your son and your woman, your whole life

cailin at 2005-08-09

this is amazing you really touched my heart... keep up the good work. best wishes for the future x x x

tianna at 2005-08-10

i think if you can sum up all the wisdom in a one poem thats really excellent and to know that a father knows what he wants his son to be like then there should be 2 fathers day

Mr.Lonesome ( F P C ) at 2005-08-10

WOW! nice job i know that i have a rele long way to reach this perfect level in writing.

Plz read some of my poems n give me some comment abt how i can be like u in writing.

CorruptedDreamer at 2005-08-10

I really like that poem. I know why but for personal reasons. Keep writing he good stuff

Autumn at 2005-08-10

That was soooo good congrats on having a son i hope hes a healthy little boi..Good Luck and X-alent job maybe check out mine sometime....I Wish I was that gurl.....U'v Moved on....Muh first and I still....He's still tha one...and...Ur one of a kind...Thanx XxX

ReBeCca ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-10

i am soo speachless.. amazing doesnt even begin to describe this poem.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Hope at 2005-08-11

awww that is awesome! u rock! congrats, u have major talent!

priscilla at 2005-08-11

you are gonna be a good parent and i really liked the poem.

becky ( P ) at 2005-08-12

very well written.. im sure your goin to be a wonderful dad and teach ur son alot...
best wishes

Jacqueline at 2005-08-12

Your poem brought tears to my eyes. You are a very talented writer, keep it up and I look forward to your other poems.

Victoria at 2005-08-12

awww that was sooo sweet i hope ur son has a great life

Bridgette ( C ) at 2005-08-13

Yay, I'm comment 200 and voter 1000!!!!

Anyways, again, beautiful poem, and always the best of luck to your family


Edith at 2005-08-14

You are WISE beyond your years - whatever your age!

jaymee at 2005-08-14

omg its brikll

Selina at 2005-08-15

wow! i ant belive it! that the best poem i have read!! ur a awesome writer!! good luck to u and ur son. he is so lucky to have a father like you. u knw someone to look up to everyday. and someone he can trust on and belive in. ur gonna be a perfect rolmodle on him. and i hope ur girl is reallyhappy with you and stays in ur life cause shewuld be missing out in alot if she left! ur a great person. good job. 5/5

Cindy Yang at 2005-08-15

i was like damn dunt cry now! But yeah it was good!

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