Comments - I Never Will Forget You (Extremely Long)

gothicpoet ( F P C ) at 2008-04-02

that was really long but it's worth it!!!...
I really love it!!...
it makes me really think!!..
keep pn writing..

Toni Ann at 2008-04-02

I love you poem!! It is amazing!! My dad took his own life so I can kinda relate. Well Done!! Good job!! How do you vote????

kevin at 2008-04-03

OMG THIS IS SOO GOOD!! perfect!!
very touching.. i
the letter was indeed a good piece.. i love it..
this a short comment but the piece is jsut too good i dun noe where to start..

keep up hte work,


ashley selvage ( P ) at 2008-04-04

Wow your poem was wonder full i mean it was deep i could some what relate to it. your poem at the end brought tears flowing thank you for letting me read it.


hiddenimage ( F P C ) at 2008-04-08 im speechless. i began to cry not even half wayy through because it reminded me of 3 ppl in my life that i have lost... one of which i saw. if this happened to you im so sorry. i know how it is to lose the love of your life. and be ripped right open.

Fyri at 2008-04-08

It was beautiful and made me cry. my life has treated me in this way many times. so i know how you feel. i hurts but poetry help tell how you feel. man i love this poem so much. i am going to look for more of your poems. i loved it and i am still crying. thank you for writing it.

Sarah at 2008-04-17

You are amazing and this poem made me cry
I have lost someone who meant the world to me.
He died in a car accident on Halloween night and his funeral was November 3rd 2007 my birthday.
I'm so sorry you lost someone u loved very deeply
its hard isn't it. I don't even know how to live anymore so I know how u feel.

brittany at 2008-04-23

Wow. thats really good.

p.s. i read the whole thing :]

Donjeta Mejtani at 2008-05-16

I cried a lot when I read this poem.
I was very sad and this poem,made me cry a lot.
Well done!
XX donjeta

BrokenVodkaBottle ( F P C D ) at 2008-05-31

This poem is amazing, it touched me but i ask one thing, is this true??

Crystal ( F P ) at 2008-06-02

I'd like to no if that was based on something real that has happened and if so wern't you a slight bit embarrsed about writng something like that? no offence or anything but it did have 2 gay men and i have nothing against gays but some ppl do so i was just curious... sorry if i imposed or you took offence i was not meaning it like that at all... and just for the record i absolutely adored the poem!

sketch01 at 2008-06-07

Very wonderful poem! but very sad though.. is it true?
i wish you would see my poems...though they might not be as good s yours...

goodluck and godbless in life...

serena at 2008-07-11

That was REALLY REALLY good, even though it was long it was worth the read!! one of my favorites!!

ivy rose grado at 2008-07-11


brittany ( P C ) at 2008-07-18


stephen thats my dads name..
when i read this i cried
because i felt the love and emotion you put in this
i felt it all like i were there

and was wondering
did this really happen
write back plz

Cass ( F P C ) at 2008-07-31

Heyy. This poem is truly amazing.

Tell me is this a true story? Private message me back please:)

Juliet ( P ) at 2008-08-01

I truly loved this poem
i especially liked the thoughts the character in the poem had...they added depth and personality to the poem that wouldn't have been present without it
the length was worth it, because every word had meaning and a purpose
great job!

The Forgotten ( F P ) at 2008-08-17

Out of all the poems I have read on here that was truly one of the best. I think it kinda showes what some people will do for their loved one. Long but so amazing poem!

bianca at 2008-09-09

Omg its awesome its beautiful so much i can't explain. it is awesome NEVER give up


cookiemonster at 2008-09-18

The poem was really beautiful . though i may not understand how you feel , i understand the pain you have gone through . its really a sad thing to happen , but you must never give up okay?

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