Comments - To My Unborn Child...

Jacklyn ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-15

lovely poem filled with true beauty. if you follow this poem as a guideline you certainly will make a wonderful father your kid is lucky to have someone that cares so much before he was even born for some kids aren't so lucky.


ashley at 2005-08-15

wow that was great i loved it i holp to read more so keep up the good work

malini at 2005-08-16

wow!!!!!!!............... i've read many poems but it was not that impressive.... when i read ur poem i really was very happy to read ur poem and i'm trying to read ur poem 1st. if poem writing is ur hooby don give it up. write more poems like this and impress everyone.and more over ur wife and son r really very very lucky to have u.
take care

ashley ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-16

that is so beautiful! It reminds me exactly why i wanted kids sum day...i'm only fifteen and know i can never bare a child. but this just goes to show that a child does have a life...even before its born....hence the reason abortion is bad...but dats not da was simply amazing. and i loved it! I hope you enjoy your life with ur son...and never let him matter how old he is.

ruth at 2005-08-17


liPstick at 2005-08-18

I think Guyz told U all nice words
But I believe that the words of this
poem r always nicer


Jade ( P ) at 2005-08-18

No words can describe the emotion of such dept and deepness of meaning. it has a big, positive impact and effect , it has touched my insides and left me saying to you is is that is "off the hook" lol and really you have potential in the poetry industry and i like your style of writing!

Thumbs up!!!


HottChic ( C ) at 2005-08-18

Great poem. You are really good.

Amy at 2005-08-18

Hay that's really nice.
I had a son to but i lost him when i was 3month's with him.
So yer and i loved him even i know i never soor him but yer.
love amy barlow

Brianna at 2005-08-19

Very good poem, very well writen . Keep up the good work and good poems! ..

+-Unique J-+ at 2005-08-20

Brought tears to my eyes ...You got mad talent

xUnbreakablex ( F P C ) at 2005-08-20

Fantastic 5/5 x x x

katarina at 2005-08-20

Wow, that was really touching... oh wow...

GoddessOfWings ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-21

Brought a tear to my eye. Just beautiful, and so damn inspirational. 5/5. Amazing...

Gurdy x (GoddessOfWings)

Lesley at 2005-08-21

This is a GREAT ONE. Loved it. It about made me cry.

DeAngelo ( F ) at 2005-08-21

OMG i'm just speechless

Raeesa at 2005-08-25

Wow, what a beautiful poem. the reason i like it so much is because u hav written about something not so many people hav written about and you have expressed your emotions really well. your son will be proud of his dad when he is older.

Melissa Westfall ( F C D ) at 2005-08-26

Wow that poem was great ur very good at ur writing.keep it up

Amanda Bee ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-31

MAGNIFICENT! This has got to be one of the sweetest and most heartfelt poems that I have ever read. Beautiful, beautiful work, Matthew. I loved it:)

Tiffani ( F P C D ) at 2005-09-01

I kno u have an over abundance of comments and polly dont want mine but ur poem made me cry i also have a baby on the way id love to write something like this to her to spare her all the pain.... well 5/5 keep it up great writing

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