Comments - You'll Find Someone Else

kevin at 2012-04-02

I love this poem and it made me burst into tears the moment i finished it and i hope that this poem is going to be shared to the whole world

Girl of Conviction ( F P C D ) at 2012-04-03

Omg this is so beautiful awwwwww :]]]


Tom Kolarec at 2012-04-10

Beautiful flow, so real, the words just captured me

Sweetpoeticgrace ( F P C ) at 2012-04-17

Super nice! 5/5

LoVerSLaND ( F P C ) at 2012-04-17

Amazing. relateable. hes gettn married though. all time favorite. 5/5

Minerva at 2012-04-28

It is just beautiful. Every line is so heart touching. Loved it.

Keep up the good work
Minerva (:

premnath at 2012-05-02

There was moment that, this poem doesnt need a vision to see... words of the poem made me to visualize what was the feels and situation... :) /.... :.(...

Garima garg at 2012-05-05

Obviously this can touch any reader...I liked their departing bt coming together again n agan .its nice

Lucy at 2012-05-06

So sad and touching, but amazing. You are my poet inspiration :)

Kari Hildahl at 2012-05-18

I think this poem is sweet, and kind. But, also really sad

Kari Hildahl at 2012-05-18

I think this poem is sweet, and kind. But, also really sad

Tabitha ( F D ) at 2012-05-21

I love it i told everybody i know to read it and i bet you about 90% of them cried one word describes this poem. Inspiring (=

kate at 2012-05-22

Loved this poem cried when read and very inspiring props

Cynthia at 2012-05-25

This is really great poem.
Keep writing poems like this we want to read them.

megan ( F ) at 2012-06-05

Im so mad right now that im reading this at work n started to cry in front of patients... loved the poem though 5/5!!!

BJeter at 2012-06-09


Andrea broken tears ( F P C ) at 2012-06-09

Wow love it......

hawa at 2012-06-12

This poem brought tears to my eyes
you are an amazing writer

Sean Ooi at 2012-06-15

Fantastic poem. You really know how to reach into the hearts of the readers and touch them. Great job!

Love Sick at 2012-06-21

I guess I am reading it for the 20th time now . . . And every time it just give me the goosebumps . . . Very very well written

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