Comments - I Never Will Forget You (Extremely Long)

candace at 2012-05-29

I love your poem.. i saved it for myself & wrote it in my own book of poems :)

Sherry at 2012-05-31

I love love love this poem! So sad but definitely makes you think.

Chloe DeWitt at 2012-06-11

Hi Stephen, my name is Chloe. i am a beginner writer, well...i've love writing for a really long time. just never really put them into meaniful poems...but as i said, im starting. anyways. this poem, has an effect on me that most don't. i've dreamt about stuff like that and reading it was like reliving that dream, so vivid and real...i really enjoy your love and talent for writing, so keep it up :)

vinujawa at 2012-09-14

Hi Stephen.. It's mind blowing poem.. very good feel. It's happening in everyone's life... thanks ....

Rain Welch at 2012-09-26

Incredibly sad, poignant and beautiful. 5/5

Edward Oropeza ( P C D ) at 2012-09-30

Feels like i'm watching an -hour movies =)

Connie at 2012-10-02

I love this poem. You have mixture of emotions and you can feel all of it. The showing and telling is just perfect. It is so great and i really do like it. I can't wait to read more of your poems.

varsha19 at 2012-11-01

absolutely amazing

im in tears. do i have to say more?

Lizalyn Nemo at 2012-11-18

Losing someone who means so much to us is like leaving in an empty life...its hurts so much...i know.. coz ive been there before..and untill in tears when i finish to read it...its so sad and beautifull...i hope read to more of youre poems..:):)

jamie25 ( C ) at 2012-11-22

Very good job! the length also didnt bother me as it kept me interested in the story. good job!

Katrina D at 2013-01-29

The first time i read this poem i cried and everytime i read it now it still brings tears to my eyes.

Your an amazing writer, i have read all of your poems and i love all of them but i have to say this one is and will always be my all time favourite.

Please dont give up writing poems because they are amazing. I actually want to put all your poems in a book so i can read them all the time lol.

Keep writing because you are brilliant at it

Shiba263 at 2013-08-12

I signed up just to comment on your beautiful poem, on this poem you emmited so much emotion that I was so close to crying, I have never read a poem that made me feel this way, and I love this poem so much. The length on the poem didn't seem long at all, I was so into the poem, simply magnificent, I can't wait to read more. :) <3

Sweet sugar at 2013-10-17

Very good

Douglas Boice at 2015-02-05

Wow, thatvwas one of the best poems I've ever read in my life. Keep writing DOUG

nany at 2015-03-16

Omg it waas good

Claire Morris ( C D ) at 2015-07-19

Wow wow...just wow. It's sooo sad yet lovely.
I just love it. It's really good.

Ross Kilbride ( P ) at 2015-07-20

I'm not ashamed to admit-I cried at this poem.

Ilebuni at 2015-09-19

Umm ... Tears still rolling down my sad face.!

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-06-12

Stephen, this is so sad it had me gripped in my chair. I'm so sad for you right now it's unbelievable. You write the story so well though I really hope it isn't literal but feel it is.

Hugs, Em

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