Comments - Wanted Suicide

jennifer at 2005-11-23

I can relate alot to your poem its really good!!! your an awesome writer u have something good going here i wouldnt give up

ashley at 2005-11-30

Omg that is soo good i love it well i no its bad but it was great insight

Dani Fitch ( F P C ) at 2005-12-07

Yeah darlin. That is fine :) I would be honoured!! I agree, im pretty sure something as depressing as that would raise heads. goodluck with ur presentation honey. all the best,
dani xoxo

*~Emma~* ( F C D ) at 2005-12-07

Very sad, but also very touching! if i did have tears left in me, i would be sitting in a puddle! lol
luv em

christian girl at 2005-12-18

That was the best poem ever! you make me look like shit! LOL
*Christisn Girl*

Samantha Kimble at 2005-12-20

Great poem! Really touching!


~sWeEt*sEnsAtiOns*~ at 2006-01-11

Oh mah God that made me cry it was deep and sad. Really loved it and keep up tha good work. But remember suicide isn't the way to solve problems!!!

~.*RoCsAnNe*.~ at 2006-02-22

Dam dats hella good......and so true!!!!

Bridget Perez at 2006-02-26

Not bad

Eve at 2006-03-20

When i started high school i felt just like this. I asked all kinds of questions and then made a choice. Thankfully i was saved my theparamedics, and now i live a content life, but im glad that someone is writing what i and so many others will not dare to talk about.

jairaye at 2006-03-28

Dat is really good and i do no wat you mean cuz i am goin throu da same bullshit and it sux huh

jones ( F C D ) at 2006-04-24

That is really good. write more like that poem and i well love to read it and comment on them.

Colleen ( D ) at 2006-05-02

That was the best poem i ever read!

MeLiSsA ( P ) at 2006-05-05

I really like this poem :-)

amanda at 2006-05-17

This poem is so true i really like it good job

Michelle at 2006-05-18

This is so amazing. Great job I really love it!

Brady James at 2006-06-13

Geesh thats pretty intense

i really like all of your work...maybe you could help me out a lil ;]

merna at 2006-06-13

Heii i love ur poem it so sadd i feel like cryin pleaz dont do aniifiin stupid

jennifer ( C ) at 2006-06-17

Wow.. i have tears in ma eyes from ur poems.. ITS REALLY GOOD!!.. u deff have talent!!. keep it up =]] xoxo -jennifer

Cadee at 2006-08-21

Omg i love it its the best poem ever your realli good keep it up WOW!! amazing


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