Comments - Ending Her Cries

annamarie ( P ) at 2007-10-22

Omg tyler such a beautiful poem that i felt tears rising in my eyes[seriously]i luv it!the gurl that ends up with u is very lucky!god bless u bye!

supratim ( C ) at 2007-10-23

OOOOOOOHHHHH JESUS!! What an incredible piece you have written!!
Excellent.. 5/5 or more

lilien at 2007-10-26

It's really great !!!

ashley at 2007-10-28

Omg...i loved this story...i hope to read more of ur writings cause they are realli good

maggielou at 2007-10-30

I'm sad to hear that someone else stole this poem from you. but i think that it should be a compliment if anything. i guess you should look at it in a positive way. thats really all you can do i guess. but this poem is amazing. i wish i had your skills.

Lynnette Brown ( F P C ) at 2007-11-01

You have got to be kidding me!!!! That poem is so awesome. Now that did have me in tears. I only wish that never happens to me. That was totally awesome.

Kenny ( F P C D ) at 2007-11-02

I kept reading this one again and again, i loved this one really! honestly! wonderful.

Trying To Love Is The Hardest Th ( F D ) at 2007-11-03

Touching. really sad.
Keep writing your really good.


ian ( F P C D ) at 2007-11-05

Very very well written, great poem keep it up

Bella ( P ) at 2007-11-06

That poem is amazing. I'm sorry to hear about the copy incident. It is an awesome poem though. So touching. So much feeling. Keep it up. I'd like to see more of your poems. PM me when you write something new.

<3 bella

brittany hudson at 2007-11-06

"I love this poem it about had me, my best friend, and my mom in tears today.... Its so sweet at you have talent... "

Mooshi at 2007-11-07

Wow i really liked it, it was very deep and it was even very sad hopefully no one else will steal it. great great poem very emotional

Selina at 2007-11-09

Oh my goodness.this poem is so touching.i love's pretty amazing at what great lengths/risks/how we would give anything for someone you love.even your life.just for the satisfaction of knowing that they are happy and free.i would do the same thing for my bf.=)

Gossiping Chica at 2007-11-10

Omg! i almost cried! this is an outstanding poem! i have seen alot of great ones but umm this is the most excellent poem ever! This girl your wrote the poem for is gunna love you! man, if only my boy friend wrote me a poem like this.
love always,


zeinab at 2007-11-15

Nice such case and defence for love can make u a great man and such poem is too much great complete like this dear KEEP UP

gabriella ( C ) at 2008-01-01

Love this poem it was heart warmign and wel wlritten

Kayli ( F C ) at 2008-01-08

You poem was amazing and just overall spectacular! its so different from what i normally read. its great that you can share your gift because it truly is a gift, ive only read a few things that have ever touched me as much as this did. thank you!

kayli renae

Teece at 2008-01-10

So deep.. I LUV IT!!!

xSpazX ( P C ) at 2008-01-16

I am speechless.
Like wow... lol That was just wow...that's all I can say xD Great work!! =]

xHakushikaXNorikox ( P ) at 2008-01-17

I loved this poem.
I almost cried!!!!!!!
I swear!!!!
No poem has ever made me this sad!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!!


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