Comments - A Disney Tale

danii at 2005-02-20

wow!! i like this one its really sweet...and well thought of..and different to all the other love poems ive read wel done :)

♥•Aubrey•♥ ( F P C ) at 2005-02-20

awesome! 8/5

Taylor at 2005-02-20

This was an amazing poem!!! I woul;d die if a guy wrote it for me!!v Lisa is a lucky girl!!!

EpithetPoet ( F P C D ) at 2005-02-20

Aw very sweet man. Great job.

«-SeptemberRain-♥» ( F P C ) at 2005-02-21

awww wow. this poems amazing its sooo sweet, id give anything for someone to write something like this. Lisa is very lucky. Wonderful job you definatly have talent for poetry.
xoxox 5/5
--<3 Samz*~

florence ( F C D ) at 2005-02-21

awwwww..that was the sweetest poem i ever read!! great job dude! wouldn't it b romantic if a guy wrote a poem lk this....a poem with all disney " happily after stories"? anywayz..keep it up!
* kristie rules. And alwayz will.*

lea at 2005-02-21

hey i love ur poem, i love how u put almost every happily ever after story in their...its so romantic and i hope lisa saids yes, cuz i know i would...anyways..the poem was great

MiCHELLE at 2005-02-21

what an awesome poem!

Chyrelle ( P ) at 2005-02-21

*sniff* that was beautiful

frances at 2005-02-21

dat is soo sweet!!

Kylie Duke at 2005-02-21

omg u have put sooo much heart into this poem its like u no just wat to say, ur gf is sooo luky to have to u, i hope she no's that!!!!, great poem keep em cumin hey coz i wanna keep hearin from ya good work (",)

Ð맆îñ¥ ( F P C D ) at 2005-02-21

i love it, very clever idea and i'm sure it really gets the point across, it was a great read 5/5

JRo at 2005-02-21

Nice work! Great job! Love teh poem. Really touching. Please comment on some of my poems! Thanks!

krissy at 2005-02-21

I love your poem its awsome .it was pretty good .

Ashley Arnold ( F P C ) at 2005-02-21

Hay i really likes your poem really really good 5/5 i wishi could right as good as you!!! you can check mine out if you would like

~Nancy~ ( C ) at 2005-02-21

such a sweet poem.

Katie ( F ) at 2005-02-21

awwwww:) thats an awesome poem...makes me kinda jealous of good luck with her...such a great poem!

shyann ( F P C ) at 2005-02-21

awwww that was a sweet poem keep up tha gud work!!!!!

*AsHLeY05* at 2005-02-22

Wow omg what an awesome poem! i would automatically fall in love with someone who wrote me that poem. That girls stupid if she doesnt! thats like my favorite poem so far. <3 AsH

Yasmin at 2005-02-22

So cute and original... I loved it truly!

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