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Ashley DiAnn at 2005-05-08

omg that is so sad.... n its powerful im definately adding u 2 my fav. list

Nickie ( F P ) at 2005-05-08

Wow this is a very well written poem. Pure beauty. I loved. I hope it isn't true though. If so I'm very sorry and I hope you're okay. I give it a 5/5 wonderful job. keep up the great work and keep on writing

with love
nicole marie

ShORtIe at 2005-05-09

omg tht is soo sad it made me cry, i loved it...

*YaSmIn* ( C ) at 2005-05-09

WOW.......this is an excellent poem...written so well......really sad too....u even had me crying as i was reading this....u truely have a talent...*5/5*

zoraida ( F C ) at 2005-05-09

that was amazin 9i just almost teared a lil myself lol. great job keep it okay.

andrea ( F C D ) at 2005-05-09

wow! that was such a sad poem, im in school wit tears in my eyes cuz it was so sad....i gotta read it again!

Jessica at 2005-05-09

I think that poem was the best that I have ever read before It almost had me in tears. your the best

Sterling Luis at 2005-05-09

hey nice one after reading this i've decided to start writing again thanks ur my inspiration

Emily at 2005-05-09

This was so sad but i loved it sooo much! Well done *x*x*x*

JessikaLynelle at 2005-05-09

It was so sad but I loved it keep it up!!!!!!!!

oxfallingapartxo at 2005-05-09

WOW!!! That was great. I really liked your poem. Its really sad, though. I can realate to it so many ways. Please comment on some mine. Good Job!!

kaitlyn at 2005-05-09

omg omg omg omg its soo amazing i love it , u are a good writer hehehe i love it

Jamie at 2005-05-09

very nice poem!!! and it's very sad that i couldn't hold my tears.

Elina ( F P ) at 2005-05-09

wow that was amazing, i had to give u a got me tearing up..seriously WOW!

sarah at 2005-05-09

wow i wish i could have a boy feel that way about me but it was great keep it up your a great writer!

sarah at 2005-05-09

wow i wish i could have a boy feel that way about me but it was great keep it up your a great writer!

xXBrokenBlondeXx at 2005-05-09

that made me cry, but it was awesome! nice work :D

*~mayme~* ( F P C ) at 2005-05-10

I don't know if it is my mood, but that was so funny..I burst out laughing. It's a nice poem, I know its not supposed to be funny, but I obviously have emotional problems or something because I think it is. nice work.

HOLLY ARMER ( F P C D ) at 2005-05-10

Wow, this is an amazing poem! You really packed it full of emotion...I could feel the fear and despair as I read your words! I'm definitely gonna check out more of your poetry~Holly

Oh yeah, in the line:
"I ran to her body and crotched at her side"
I think you meant crouched instead of crotched! :)

xSTOLENxGLANCESx ( F C ) at 2005-05-10

deep... i luv it definite 5/5.

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