Comments - They never knew

chelsea at 2005-05-11

omg that is sooo good

Brittany Nichols at 2005-05-11

I believe that this was the best poem i have read yet. Although i am upset about true love dying (between these two) i believe that you did a good job and the best you could do.
Congratulations Nickie you are a winner times two!!!!!

shorty at 2005-05-11

Your poem was so good! I cried!!!!!That was good.

whitney at 2005-05-11


Libby a.k.a 2cute2hurt at 2005-05-11

That iz a very good story!

jamie at 2005-05-11

i hope this poems is not about you.

your so right if you keep in what you think you can miss out on alot.
i know its happend to me
this poems is soooo good keep at it

Kemrin Holimion at 2005-05-11

A brilliant poem. Very moving.

Latisha at 2005-05-11

I love this its so great...this explains how I have felt for this one guy for a while and I recently told him how I felt..

Mehmet Durmus at 2005-05-11

umm i usualy dunt cry but this made me cry hehe

Cimara ( F C D ) at 2005-05-12

oh my god i'm seriously balling my eyes out. that was such a beautiful piece of writing!!! you have a true gift to be able to touch people like that.
keep it up.
love cim xxx

crystle at 2005-05-12

wow that was great you are a really good writer good job

Untouchable_Angel ( F C ) at 2005-05-12

OMG i love this poem i was about to cry!!! it is so good

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brittney at 2005-05-12

this is a great poem i wrote something like it maybe you can read it and vote and comment me well i give this poem a 5

Mari at 2005-05-12

very nice.. its kinda like me

nichole ( F C D ) at 2005-05-12

This is a very good and sad poem. you should read some of my poems sometime. Dont forget to vote and comment. Please and thanks!

nini at 2005-05-12

I love this poem, it is such a tear jerker!!!

Peter Tran at 2005-05-13

hey i think that is probably the most beautiful thing ive ever kinda going through the same problem rite now. i feel like the girl does like me bak and i really like her. its stupid because its so hard to tell if a person likes u bak. i wish i culd just get a hint that she likes me too. wanna give me advice? if u have AIM my sn is MyToySoldiers9mL or by email at thanks 5/5

Michelle at 2005-05-13

I really really liked this poem. My best friend wrote me a letter telling me he was in love with me and two days later killed himself because he was afraid i didn't or wouldn't feel the same. Thank you for writting this it!!!

Amber at 2005-05-13

hearts are often broken by words left unspoken... I love this little saying... It is now my favorite!!

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