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Natalie_mcphee ( P ) at 2005-05-18

awwww *wipes tear* that is amazing!! i love it .. you are very talented :P !!! take a moment to read my stuff if you can!

*kAyLa* at 2005-05-18

Hey...I dont kno u but i LOVE your poem!!!

Lisa at 2005-05-19

reminds me of my past

Ben Rada at 2005-05-19

thats something so touchy

madie at 2005-05-19

this poem is breath taking it made me want to cry i think its brilliant keep it up and i hope things get easier for u xxxx

Ashley Collins at 2005-05-19

excellent poem 5/5

AngelsShadow at 2005-05-19

omg, dat poem made me cry! Im exactly d same wiv my ex, sounds jus lik him n how we use 2 b. I mis him so much,wish i cud hav him bak :'( xx Gr8 poem tho, hav fantastic wordin n ful of feelin. Keep it up x ~KaYleE~ x

brittany at 2005-05-19

hey this is a very good poem i really like it! it reminds me exactley of me and my ex boyfriend!! but very good!!

michelle at 2005-05-19

this is one of the best poems i have heard and it also inspired me to tell the one i love that i want him and he shopuld be with me not the other girl!! thank you so much

veronica at 2005-05-20

this poem is really great i hope you keep writting like this

Jessie at 2005-05-20

WOW!!! I know how you feel. hope that one day you can move on and find someone better than him and someone that wont leave you. I am trying to get over an abuseive and lier of a BF i had. I have much sympthy for you. I hope you feel better soon.

beadbabe at 2005-05-20

i feel u on this one! rock on =

beadbabe at 2005-05-20

i feel u on this one! rock on =

Blake Moyle at 2005-05-21

well done man some of these peoples poems are so crap but yours was genuinly very good, i can totally relate to it. although.. a metaphor ever here and there wouldnt go astray lol 5/5

*+*vic*+* at 2005-05-21


Cara at 2005-06-02

your poem was so beautiful. i can relate to that poem very strongly. It is like my relationship with my ex Caleb who i want back but he has someone new

Dani Fitch ( F P C ) at 2005-06-06

thanx everyone:) its lovely to hear ur comments, keep on keeping on. peace
luv dani

whydoesithappen2me at 2005-07-09

omg i can totally relate 2 tat poem same thin wit me and my ex bf i stilll luv and and i told him but he goes around sayin he is not ready 4 a relationship but then again he got a girl but anyway awsome poem keep it up

***jemma*** at 2005-07-19

AWESOME POEM!!!! ur honestly am inspiration, 5/5!!! xxx

Bradley Peter ( F P C ) at 2005-09-25

Brillient dani, absolutly brillient. your a very powerful and passionate writer and i look forwad to reading more of your stuff. please give us of my unvoted poems a read and let me know what you think, thanks

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