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gemma ( P C ) at 2005-06-07

WOW, just wow!!! i just completely love it!! so much emotion and it flows so well!! im so sorry 4 your loss!! your love is amazing! great work, keep it up!! xxx take care xxxxxx

antony at 2005-06-07

that poem touched me hard...thank you for the honour. carry on the great work

Colleen at 2005-06-07

Great poem... it really hits home because right now my boyfriend can be drafted and im jsut really upset over it and i dont it to happen... so thanks...

Beth ( C ) at 2005-06-07

i love this poem it is one of the bests it made me cry but it also made me realiz that this war is just for the wrong reason and we have loved ones fighting in it KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!

TJ at 2005-06-08

Very good poem ill give u props on that i have had lots of my family and friends go into the army to it touches close to home Good job Keep it up


corrupted ( F P ) at 2005-06-08

wow that was so great.... if its true i hope that you stay hopeful and know that it can only get better. great job 5/5

Kristen at 2005-06-08

Very nice poem, It made me cry! I have friends in the military and I haven't heard from them in awhile. I am also very sorry about you lost! Keep strong, Kristen

Kristian at 2006-11-12

Though I am not in the Army, but rather a sailor attached with Marines, I feel your pain when someone loses their Marine/Soldier/Sailor/Airman. I pray that time will heal your heart and hopefully this war will be all over soon. Excellent poem =) Oorah!

HM3 "Doc" Reyes

Kaji at 2008-07-13

A wonderful made me cry!!.....sad but very nice...keep it up:)

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