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TearsFallingForOnlyYou ( F ) at 2008-02-11


soooo sweet and sad at the same time

Invisible tears with a bloody sm at 2008-02-20

I love this poem. and alot of others that you wrote..

XoXotears of stealXoXo at 2008-02-22

Wow that is a really good poem!! so much emotion i almost cried great work! never stop


Selina at 2008-02-23

This poem made me is unexplainable of how i feel about this poem.but its good not bad.

Miranda at 2008-02-23

This is very good work i love it ! wow

Annette at 2008-02-28

This is very good, nice job!

Brandy ( C ) at 2008-02-29

Good job...loved the way the poem is written...ur such an amazing writer...keep writing and posting and I'll continue reading them 5 from me

Jessie ( F ) at 2008-02-29

That Was A Great Work Of Art.
It Brought Tears To My Eyes </3
Good Work Keep It Up.

Adam Murphy ( F P C ) at 2008-02-29

I just wanted to thank everyone :) , its def. my fav poem ive written...still makes me sad when i read it, and i wrote it! :P ..and to all the people stealing it, modifying it , and adding it to your pages to take credit for it, u suck monkey sperm!

katie link at 2008-03-03

That was so sad and it almost made me cry. but it does show that sometimes life isnt perfect and i think you showed that very nicely. i would like to see more on that story, but it would be kind of hard to do. i'm definetly going to vote five.

Kayli ( F C ) at 2008-03-08

Omfg that was so sad. it was definately one of my fav poems EVER! not just on this site :D you are a GREAT writer NEVER stop :)

Kail ( F P C D ) at 2008-03-08

OMG. That is so good!

'it said "you take care of mommy
like she took care of me
and say that even though her hair fell out
she still looks pretty
give her an extra hug
and an extra kiss'

That's my favorite part, because it makes me think of my boyfriend's little girl and how she calls me Mommy. Very, very good. 5/5

Ooima crazy white gurloO ( F ) at 2008-03-09


Kaitlin at 2008-03-13

Wow i actually teared up... just amazing

Leah at 2008-03-13

Wow! that was an excellent poem...that poem has me in tears...good job!

me just you ( F P C D ) at 2008-03-16

Wow very good i loved the twists in it very emotional to 5/5<33

carla scharer at 2008-03-20

Wow this poem is deep real deep and sadi cry everytime i read it.

aashi at 2008-03-24

Awesum poem man.....just luved it!!!!salute 2 u!!!its d best as far!!!!gud wrk!keep it up!!~~~~aashi!!~~

Fallingawayfromu ( F P ) at 2008-04-03

This poem brought tears to my eyes. I've read your other poems...very amazing! The emotion filled words that you've wrote,just so emotional. I can feel the pain in the words.
Keep it up! Im sorry If this has come from your own experiance, but honestly i can say, i've been there. 5/5

Fyri at 2008-04-08

I love it. man i was so good that my dad asked what was wrong when i started to cry. man i love this poem so much. thank oyu for writing it.

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