Comments - To My Unborn Child...

Lauren at 2005-07-15

that poem is absolutely beautiful. you're gonna make an amazing dad. congratulations =).

>Vicky ( P ) at 2005-07-15

dat was one of the best poems i have even is so nice to see a father care n love his son so much..i wish my dad was like that...anywayz..don't let me get emotional now lol...great poem!!! 5/5...u got true talent!!

┼¢r¥ing▲§øul╬╧ ( F P C ) at 2005-07-15

truly an amzing poem. you have a gift for writing but you shold already know that. great poetry.

Rebecca ( F C ) at 2005-07-15

That's a really sweet poem.
I really liked it.


brittany ( F C D ) at 2005-07-15

WOW i loved it did this really happen? this is a geat poem. its very sweet 5/5

Angela ( F P C D ) at 2005-07-15

Oh my god, this is the most sweetest, loving and beautiful poem I have ever read. It brought tears to my eyes. You are going to be the bestest daddy ever and your new baby boy will be the luckiest little guy!!!!!!!!

Best of luck to you!!!!!!!

Smiles, Hugs and Love, Angela

Ashley ( P ) at 2005-07-15

That's very sweet and very good. I'm sure when he's older he'll love it. Or you could always read it to him now...and every day until he can read it himself. Start a tradition like that...he'd probably like that.

~*fallinNlove*~ ( F ) at 2005-07-15

Awesome poem. Congrats on the baby. U will be a great dad and ur girl is lucky to have u by her side. Keep up tha writing.

Tilly at 2005-07-15

Truly Beautiful. Start to finish... I loved it... Great work!

savannah ( F ) at 2005-07-15

this is OMG so almost makes me wanna cry... i love this poem i love all of ur poems i mean i am like 5/5

ఝ§»Жŕïşťī Łŏv쫧 ( F P C D ) at 2005-07-15


Chelsea AKA River at 2005-07-15

Wow...If I could, I would rate your poem a 10 instead of 5. I really enjoyed reading it and hope to read more. Keep up the great work!


Sallie at 2005-07-15

I think this is SO enirely cute and I love it!! Good Job<33

Grace at 2005-07-15

This is such an awesome poem! Your son is very lucky to have a Father as caring as you! Keep up the great work!!

monkeysgurl75 at 2005-07-15

that soooooooooooo cuite keep writing ok and check out my poems

Lauren Lee ( F P ) at 2005-07-15

That was an amazing poem. I wish my father put that much passion into his children. Your son is lucky to have a father who cares. But do me a favor...Take your own advice in the poem...And follow every word you said in that poem. Actions speak louder than words and your son will learn more from your actions that words. But great job!
Love, lauren lee

heather ( P ) at 2005-07-16

Aww thats adorable
very excellent poem

Brooke ( C ) at 2005-07-16

That was so awesome and so sweet! You are going to be an awesome Dad!

Sarah Christine ( F P ) at 2005-07-16

Congradulations!!! That was an awesome poem, I cannot wait to be a parent!!!!

*Angeleyez* at 2005-07-16

that was so sweet, i think its awesome that you are not afraid to show your sensetive side! goodjob i loved it!


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