Comments - If Only (You Knew)

Natalie at 2005-08-13

This is a great poem I can really relate to it.

Lisa at 2005-08-13

I just went through a break up, and I feel exactly the way your poem says. You are very good!

Rakesh at 2005-08-13

Well nice write - it says a million things.
SO have u put it across to her?The poem shld do the trick for you :)
Wishing u all luck.

Pls do read my poem "FOr You My Love" - I wish to present it to my gf on her bday nxt week.

Linda Bustos at 2005-08-13

I love your poem keep up the good work hope that all of your dreams come true. Plz read some of my poems and tell me what u think bout them. Like i said keep up the good work. Out of a rating from one through ten i give it a TEN!!!!!!!!!!

Bella girl at 2005-08-13

this was a great poem!!! your really talented!!

Merili at 2005-08-13

This is excellent poem,just fabolous. i love it very much. :D

Best wishes from me to you.

Amanda ( P ) at 2005-08-13

that was absolutely wonderful! i am amazed by how this poem brought feelings to me! it was great! and i would like to ask you for a PLEASE e-mail me. okay??? thanks a bunch!

my e-mail is.....

it is my private e-mail. so PLEASE e-mail me. I need a huge favor from you. Thanks. laters!

*Roe* at 2005-08-13

haa.. i love it its soo true ur a good writer keep it up!!

BJ at 2005-08-16

im not gonna lie i've read a few of your poems and thats enough for me to tell u "you should go pro".
you really have a way with words and i can relate to your poems maybe thats why i think there so good
plz coment on my poems i've only put a couple on to see what people think and so i know if i should keep puttin them on. They've been on there for a couple of months and only 1 persons commented keep up your awsome poetry your an inspiration

Rachel ( F ) at 2005-08-20

Excellent and i rated it as so...its wonderful and its explaining everything i feel for someone right now

jasmine at 2005-09-12

Hey Francisco, this is wrote me a comment awhila ago and now im returning the favor, thankyou so much, I can totally relate to this, your words really went to my heart. Great job!

1Loveachother ( F P C D ) at 2005-10-28

I loved this poem!!!! Awesome job! Keep up the wonderful work!


Jonker at 2006-03-28

I have just one word to your poem; Perfect.

AnCi ( F P C D ) at 2006-05-14

WOOOOOOW! That'a all I can say.. GREAT poem!!

Music♥Freak ( F P C D ) at 2006-12-10

Wow. This was a very cute yet romantic poem to read! You sound like a great guy. =] You had a great flow and perfect vocabulary, keep it up! 5/5


Jwei at 2007-01-25

This poem rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Would you mind if i used it for the girl i love/i can relate 6/5

~We Hate Players~ ( C ) at 2007-02-26

I think this poem is so great!!!


Strawberry Lemon ( F P C ) at 2009-01-03

Awesome work

Strawberry Lemon ( F P C ) at 2009-01-03

Awesome work

allex0r at 2014-10-31

So on point. great one btw :)

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