Comments - Last Night I Had A Dream

Cheli a.k.a. Sad Girl at 2005-08-15

Wow this poem is so nice, as if it truly was real. A fairy tale come to life....

Anonymous at 2005-08-15

this poem is very good! if i was able to give it a ten i would, but i don't have that choice. my favourite part is the 9th stanza!

*-*Cindy*-* at 2005-08-15

its an amazing poem!!!! i think thats how every girl should be treated..with love and respect! good one!!

takuma at 2005-08-16

Hi Danielle, nice try
your poem made my heart cry
and in a good way
i really hope you would stay
keep working on the words you pour
i would really love to read more
all the best.. ~regards~

Mere at 2005-08-16

Hey Gurly, WHOA i mean WOW thats a great poem i felt like i was somewhere else thinking and feeling what it would of felt at that time. Your definitely on2 something, keep it up and wait to read more of your work :-))

hatedbabigrl at 2005-08-16

for your first poem i really liked it it was so greast i had a guy say tha tto me but he ended up lieing

aLvin tEh at 2005-08-16

“You are so beautiful you make the angels envious.”
that line is superb... keep up the good work..

Just a Girl at 2005-08-17

omg i want that to happen to me lol!

Rikki Archuleta at 2005-08-17

Hey that is an awsome poem! I was wounering every time you write a poem can u send it to me ! @! Keep up the good work!

Vampire kisses at 2005-08-17

wow. an amazing poem! i luved it so much. it had so much emotion in it. ua wonderful job. amazing.

Firooz ( F P C ) at 2005-08-17

hmm how to say but its so great Loving your poem,,,,,,,,, keep it up

Latrice at 2005-08-17

your poem is real good

Abby at 2005-08-17

ive erased what i wrote and started over like 10 times. you left me speechless. amazing job <33

FoReVeRaEs at 2005-08-18

all i can say is WOW! that is a really great poem you are a very gifted writter. Keep up the good work

Hayley at 2005-08-18

Wow...for the first one you posted its awesome...i love it...i know how it feels to be in love...keep it up

Kimberly ( P ) at 2005-08-18

Wow... I really enjoyed your poem. It 's was sweet and amazing

elaine chambers at 2005-08-18

this is a very touchin poem and i wish i could write summin of the standard. you are a very gifted poet so never give up

tina at 2005-08-18

its brill dont doubt ure talent..ure a star in the making! well done

lance at 2005-08-18

I thought it was a great poem and well written. Hope your dreams become your reality.

zar at 2005-08-18

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww i love it , its sooo romantic u've done a great job keep it up girl!!

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