Comments - You Are The Perfect Guy...

AMANDA M ( C ) at 2005-08-28

I use to feel that way to until my perfect guy became a fraud. But I pray for you that your perfect guy is different and not like all the other guys in this world.

Ashlynn Schalk at 2005-08-28

Hey!! omg ur poem is awesome that is exactly how i feel about my boyfriend! he is the best thing that ever happend to me....i can see u can relate to other ppl keep writing! *Ashlynn*

CrimsonWhisper at 2005-08-28

Aweosme poem!!!!

Tiffani ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-28

WOW...that is an amazing beautiful perfect poem keep it up! 5/5!!

biddy at 2005-08-28

I love this and thats all that i have to say!

Felicia Murphy at 2005-08-29

I enjoyed your poem and and hope that you visit and vote on mines. thanks!!

Rebecca Hubble at 2005-08-29

That\'s obviously not love. I think that you are a sexed up teenager with no hope for the future, but to fall pregnant to some dropkick boyfriend who you will then be forced to marry but he will have many affairs with horrible girls and you will suffer forever in silence. And your child will never have a real father figure and you will never find true love. Lust is bad. do not succunb to its forces.

sarah at 2005-08-29

Fabulous poem. ♥

yuniardi ( C D ) at 2005-08-29

Short bbut nice, ilike it a lot ^^

sarah at 2005-08-29

I loved it. its like you know exactly how i feel about my boyfriend i just cant put it into words and you can. i have to tell you again i love it

Lindsay at 2005-08-29

I love your poem, its great!! :)

*nicole* at 2005-08-29

I love it! i hope da guy ur talkin bout in this read it cuz he would be frikin flattered! keep it up!!

~!~RaChEl~!~ at 2005-08-29

I love this poem!! i can sooo relate..i feel exactly this way about my bf zach!! i love u!! ~!~l8r~!~

rob at 2005-08-29

Great. Have you ever written a bad poem? You go K.

Beba at 2005-08-29

This is a really good poem. its something i can relate to right now at this point and time.

Angela at 2005-08-29

That reminds me of my boyfriend that i love soooooo true and we will be together for my wedding day.

Kanitra Beaty at 2005-08-30

The poem was ExCeLlEnT. I really like it.

jennifer navarro ( C ) at 2005-08-30

This poem is really good!youb have an amazing talent!hope u wouldnt mind if i put you in my "add to favorites" great poem though!!

carly at 2005-08-30

This poem is really good keep it up you have real tallent
check out my poems and quote please!

Lauren ( F C ) at 2005-08-30

U hav such talent an incfredible poem, i no uv probably heard thbis in all your other comments but this poem is brill and i love it! *comment on mine!*

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