Comments - The Drunk Driver

emma at 2005-12-20

Wow i love this poem is it true or did you just make it up but wow it is soo intence and i really like it it has alot of meaning keep writing poems like this

BitChESs LooK Up tOo MeE likEe I at 2005-12-20

Omgg datss so sadd

C.los or Carlos Marin at 2005-12-20

That poem was so good, it had soo much feeling, that a tear fell out my eye.

Crystal ( F ) at 2005-12-20

WOW!! Amazing poem. A lot of people don't realize when they drink and drive that they could be taking somoeone else's life. I really hope this is not a true story. THis poem brought tears to my eyes. Keep up the good work. 5/5, deserves more.

Michelle at 2005-12-20

Omg! that is sad!!

*~bloody~fallen~heart~* ( F P C ) at 2005-12-20

This is really ioncredibly good!!! i really like it!!!!!!!! keep writing!!! check ouut the one poem i have up here, darkenss of the heart

Chloe at 2005-12-20

Great! good work. keep it up! SURPRISE ENDING!

Porsha at 2005-12-20


Chelsi ( F P C ) at 2005-12-27

Another great one, I thought it was gonna be like the one w/sprite at first but it wasn't! Great job!! Keep writing!! 5/5

carly at 2005-12-27

Wow.. you're a really good writer. this was a really sad but good poem. keep it up. you have some real talent.

Sneha at 2005-12-27

OMG this seriously happened who was it. This poem is so touching

Sneha at 2005-12-27

OMG this seriously happened who was it. This poem is so touching

todd at 2005-12-29

I liked it

And*You*May*Never*Know at 2005-12-31

Omg my mouth dropped when i read the last stanza. verrryy good i loved it 10/5

Simon Hayes ( F C D ) at 2006-01-02

Superb writing! Wondefully done... Very gut wrenching, heart stoppingly sad!

Ann *Stareyes* ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-02

Touching and so sad.....You're truly talented....a very good message within.

Love Ann

ND I Cant BeE wiThOuT OuTt YoUu at 2006-01-08

NiCe PoemM!! LOvEDd ITT =)

0Oo0 Nd thXSs For Da CommenTT

Heather Griffith ( C ) at 2006-01-09

Omg your poems are so sad!

SyNeR®©™2oo6 ( F C ) at 2006-01-09

Awwww you done it again:) anova twist lol poor guy died cos his stupid girl freind try drive drunk...tuttut tut good message

VioletRaven ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-12

I am deeply in awe of you talent, this poem was perfectly stuctured and with such a deep message behind it. I can only hope that those who read this take from it the true tragedy of loss.
Excellent poem, and I mean that from the heart. It is rarely that I read a poem so well writen and thought provoking as this.

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