Comments - The Luckiest Guy

myshiningstar14 ( F P C ) at 2006-08-12

I enjoyed was different.. great jobb. wow.


*~*~*Crystal Dreams*~*~* ( F C ) at 2006-08-13

soo touching 5/5...
loved it....

also thnx for ur sweet comments too:)

♥ Jєѕѕу ♥ ( F P C D ) at 2006-08-16

Awh, that was cuute.. It shows that you really care for this girl and you are jealous of the man she has chosen.. But you are also happy that she is happy.. The descriptions in this were pretty good and they helped us to understand what had happened.. The flow still wasn't perfect and could use work.. Your grammer could also benefit from some checking over.. Nice job though, 5/5

Lola at 2006-08-20

Im not nearly close enough to be considered a poem expert..but i really enjoyed this one. Its really sad how the man still wanted to be with this girl but was level headed enough to understand he couldn't and that the best thing to do was wish for her happiness..even though he couldn't be. I enjoyed it very much.

Olivia ( F P C ) at 2006-08-21

Thanks..I really appreciate comments like that. :) And this poem is great. I know how you feel. Thanks again!

---AL--- ( F P C D ) at 2006-08-23

Good poem, Unique love topic i must say. keep up the good work

Lovely Bones ( F C D ) at 2006-08-27

That.. is one of the sweetest things I have ever read. It's swims in pure love for this woman that is not yours at this moment. That was truly beautiful. Keep it up!

Poptart ( F P C D ) at 2006-08-28

That's sad Hun. I liked it though. Very nicely written. :]

Isolde ( F C D ) at 2006-08-29

Very nice poem. thanks for commenting on mine.

Letty....aka Letrice Hopkins ( F P C D ) at 2006-08-31

I love this poem !.....I wish I could
express myself the way you do . It
seems as if the words flo easily . I also
love it because I can truly relate to it .
Your one of the most talented poets .
PIECES . ( I put the words in capital to
let you know I'm serious about what I
say ..LOL) . Welcome to my favorite
list .

Hugs & Kisses

~T i a n a~ ( P ) at 2006-08-31

This is a beautiful poem, which i can see you have put heaps of effort into!! to me you are one great poet! keep up the good work and keep writting!! x x x x Tiana

Tammie ( F P C D ) at 2006-09-04

I really like this poem. Its sweet how you just want her to be happy, even if your not. Its very sad though. Great poem.

just keenan ( F P C D ) at 2006-09-05

This is great though this has never happened to me though it might still one day im still young but i could feel the power behind it good job:D

keenan ps thx for the comment

misstress ( F C D ) at 2006-09-07

Lovely write..
This could be one of your best poem.
Good job.

King Of Elements and Other Stuff ( F P C ) at 2006-09-09

Awsome i felt that way before but now i am the luckiest guy in the world cause i found some1 i love

donna ( F C D ) at 2006-09-09

Aww this was sad but very sweet at the same time.. Makes a change to other poems of the same form not to have a feel of bitter envy towards the lucky guy.. well done again 5/5 xx

Broken Fallen Angel ( F P C D ) at 2006-09-10

Wow.......awsome poem!! its soo sad though..

Brittany ( F C ) at 2006-09-11

I think everyone sees a "lucky guy" or "lucky girl" in their lifetime. It was touching. 5/5


Bitt3rSw33t ( C D ) at 2006-09-11

Wow, i really loved this really got to me...very well written...

Layla at 2006-09-11

Wow- great poem- excellent work!

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