Comments - I Never Will Forget You (Extremely Long)

Kaila ( F P C D ) at 2007-03-05

Woah this took all kinds of emotion from me like sadness and love and hurt and anxiety restlesness I just absolutly love your work and this poem I think is definitly one of your best you are so talented and I hope you know that if only I could write poetry as good as you...And no one better say they didnt care for this poem because then they'd have to be insane once again great write
love kaila

becca ♥ ( F P C D ) at 2007-03-05

Oh my gosh.. the ending was really unexpected... wonderful job though.. i love how it tells a story.. the flow was flawless.. there were a couple of rhymes that seemed forced.. i dont understand the purpose of the quotes on the end of the lines.. however.. it was a very enjoyable read... the length didnt mattera at all.. i didnt want it to end... so great job! beautiful poem :D

Alyson ( F P C D ) at 2007-03-05

This was a really good poem and one of the longest that I've seen on this site (though I don't read love poems very often, so I don't know how long they get). You also wrote in a style that I don't usually see and you kept the flow pure. Keep up the good work. *5/5*

Alyson ( F P C D ) at 2007-03-05

Wow, that was quite a read, but i loved first i didbt think of it as a gay love but then when you mentioned the name i figured it out, i think you showed this very well, all the explainations all the details, the flow was awesome..and that letter added to the emotion. Although it was a tad long, i felt pulled in and as i was reading this in french class i just sat there with my mouth open, so into it and my friends were like "what are you doing???"...but yeah...comming to the conclusion i think this is an AWESOME poem so 5/5 and no less

David ( F P C D ) at 2007-03-08

Long, yes i can say that this is the longest poem i have ever read. i am sorry i didn't comment straight away. i had to go.

this poem is very emotional, the feelings you wrote were intense. it was masterful.

I ring the bell and wait for you
it seems I wait so long
(why did you never call me
what ON EARTH did I do wrong???)

everyone thinks this when something is going wrong, they blame themselves. but you need to go round and see them, like how you wrote in this poem.

5/5 always. longest poem but best story i have read so far, so its a poem/story.

bravo. David

in.need.of.a.lucky.charm ( F P C ) at 2007-03-09

Please please tell me this isnt true? this story was so heartbreaking. i cant even begin to tell you the emotions i felt, it tugged at my heart from the very first line till the very last word. i dont think a poem has ever made me cry like this... the vocab was broad, the constant questioning really added to the anguish, the flow was perfectly smooth. it touched me like no other. thank you for sharing hun. if this was true, your so brave. the courage to write this, to even share it... well done. chin up.
Much Love And Many Kisses, Bex.

Isabelle ( F P C D ) at 2007-03-14

This was absobulily wonderful, but sad. I loved it, and just keep up the good work. 5/5!

Would you mind ever looking at my poems?

xoxokissesxoxo ( F P C D ) at 2007-03-15

Great poem...i am literally in tears right now. it was realy great!!!! 5/5
i just have one question? are you gay? i don't want to seem rude or anything but the way u used he and stuff in the poem just gave off that impression.

xoxo becca

ŘÅÇĦ♥ ( F P C D ) at 2007-03-26

This was so good! It almost made me cry! I think some of the best poems are ones with emotion and you fully used it. There's no words that can say how good this poem was. Keep it up! 5/5

Rhonda {xoxo} Elizabeth ( F P C D ) at 2007-03-28

Wow... this is amazing! it is beautiful! i looked reading it! the wording & flow was amazing!

rachel ( F C D ) at 2007-04-12

Wow such a beautifully written poem! this is the first poem i have read of yours, now im gonna have to read the rest :) excellent job, keep up the great work.


Anonymous Angel ( F P C D ) at 2007-04-23

i normaly dont read really long poems but i did read this one and im glad did! everything is great, so sad it almost made me cry..
kisses stephanie

Arun Khan ( F P C ) at 2007-05-02

I dont know what to say.. it hurts. It is really deep.. the length doesn't bother, the content makes up for by three fold.

Erin ( F P C ) at 2007-05-03

WOW SOO LONG BUT SOO GOOD took me like aleast 12 mins to read

nuvia rios ( C ) at 2007-05-03

This poem was really well written but thats not what kept me reading. the story, the pain ,the desire made me kept reading. it was like some1 had been telling me a story ...........a dtorya bout two people wanting to be together but were seperated and just errr life can be so unfair. it also got to me because the letter it seemed really sad because once again two people that cared for eachother were seperated because of fear. fear of actually bieng cared for and thinking they didnt deserve it.

kevin at 2007-05-05

Very good, took me awhile to read through it, very touching...

a morton at 2007-05-06

Is this story true? i think it's a beautiful poem. thanks for sharing!

Rae osborn at 2007-05-07

Omg im in tears! you are a great writter! oh my.. i cant even speak right now.. im just crying

jazmin at 2007-05-09

Wow i gotta say this is the best poem i;ve read...... it even made me cry.... if the love of my life did anything like this i would die and follow him were ever he goes.... i love him and i can try to put my self in ur shoes.... that must of been the most painfulness thing ever.... i am deeply sorry for ur loss..... it breakz my heart to read it.... i understand how u felt but then again not really because it hasnt happened to me and hope it never will.... i loved ur poem so much itz full of emotions and i love the way it rhymed. keep it up...... once again im sorry and hope u are better now...... 5/5

mandii ( D ) at 2007-05-09

This poem brought me to tears, i loved it. I cant say how much it touched me. I feel so sad now LOL it was really amazing.

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