Comments - Broken

Sirrah ( D ) at 2008-02-18


c 0 n f u s e d ( F C D ) at 2008-02-25

Awesome job.

Broken For Forever ( F P C ) at 2008-03-02

I like this it is good. So much emotion.

me just you ( F P C D ) at 2008-03-21

Wow you are such a good writer! and you have such a unique way about it to i loved how you pieced this one 5/5 <33

LGLP at 2008-04-30

It totally is me

Corei at 2008-05-12



Tyler Durden ( F ) at 2008-05-25

Ohh my GOD :O what a write.
I love the repetition. I've tried it in a number of my poems, but never got the effect you have here. Emotion tugging at every word.

Love it. 5/5

Shay Rolfe at 2008-07-06

^_^ thats really good

Nz0 ( F C D ) at 2008-08-04

Simple and very effective, such strong emotions flow through this piece and in such a well written way. excellent poem.

Joanna Misponas at 2008-08-20

This poem is effin awesome i love it

Rhiannon at 2008-09-14

This poem is amazing.
you are a wonderful poet.
i feel the pain and emotion.

~ღ~ jeSSica ~ღ~ ( F P C D ) at 2008-10-22

Omg, i can feel the pain in this short poem.. =)

Anthony M ( F P C D ) at 2010-05-26

The way that you penned this reads differently than most in this genre; it doesn't seem to be stated in a sad tone so much as it does in a matter of fact, disassociated tone, or maybe that's just me. In either case it's nicely written and unforced and the form itself is a welcome change of pace.

nadia at 2011-07-12

I'm astonished. This about sums up what i think of love. This is how it always ends

samantha at 2012-05-16

Fantastic !! I can relate.

Naiomeeh at 2012-06-22

Wow..this was amazing..!!!

Frank Hever at 2015-03-22

A poem that really expresses immense sadness and heart break, great poem.

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