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ujustmeiloveu at 2007-08-23

Wow good job lol

Wallace ( F P C D ) at 2007-08-24

Wow, I love creative poems like this so unique and like none other. Your really took my breath away with this piece, excellent work, I'll be reading more of your poetry.

Genna ( F C ) at 2007-08-24

Awh, this was so sweat. Such an inspirational heart felt poem! Loved this.

LovemaBabymAmA at 2007-08-24


maryann at 2007-08-25

Ii likkeeeee all ur quotesss n das d 1st poem i read of ursss i love it:D haha ive been comin on dis website 4 d past 3 years i dont write anyfin on here i like readiing GOOD ON U :)

Phoebe at 2007-08-25

This is really cute and


PJ at 2007-08-25

Wow I Like This.. This Is So Cool, Yeah Thankz For The Comment, Yeah My Name Is PJ As Well, Buts Its Really Paul John

bioncia at 2007-08-26

Ur right i do like it

NothingHealsMeLikeYouDo ( F C ) at 2007-08-26

Really nice poem
:) ll check out more of your stuff
really really good !!
X x

rachael ( P ) at 2007-08-27

This is cool, it rhymes too, and is kinda clever. the last stanza is awesome.

janiL at 2007-08-27

W0w 0_o
you're really great.. period.

tearsnkisses at 2007-08-27

I completely understand where ur coming from with this poem... i love it..especially: i wish i was your eye liner,
in your eyes id be,
finally theres a moment,
where all you see is me,

meagaghan at 2007-09-01

Omg! this is so cute! thanks for commenting on mine too. keep it up. xox meea <3

Nicole Edwards ( C ) at 2007-11-05

You write so beautiful... It's like it comes with ez.

Hidden Kiss ( F P C D ) at 2007-11-06

Haha that is atcually pretty cool....

Urms at 2007-12-15

Hmm this is cutee<3

Riffy ( F C D ) at 2007-12-26

I love this :)
I thought it was really clever, they way you managed to incorporate daily items into this poem and the message was sweet and clear

Chase at 2008-02-04

I really enjoyed this poem!!!! Puting meaning tons of mean... nice!! 5/5

Crying Rose ( F C D ) at 2008-02-12

FANTASTIC POEM! very well done!

Italian Stallion ( F P C D ) at 2008-03-27

Ok, I feel the title of this poem could of been a lot better, and drawn the reader in a little better.

The overall messege of this poem was very well written. The flow and the structure was good as well as the rhymes.

This poem isn't in my favorites list, since I have no poems at all in my list, but I found this poem and I really like it. The meaning and the messege of this poem was fantasticlly written.

Yes, this poem deffinitly has meaning to me. As many of you know, I write a lot of love poems and for each poem I personally write they have a meaning to me. And for every poem I read, I try to make a connection with me somehow. This poem connected with me even though I don't have a loved one in my life at the moment.

Ok, it wasn't really a free verse, it has a rhyming scheme too it which was nice.

I can't really break it down anymore then it already is, each stanza is very straight foward and I am almost positive everyone understands the meaning of each stanza. But all in all, this poem is not about wishing to be select items, it is more or less about how the person wishes to be with the one he/she loves.

The only really advice I have is to use better puncuation instead of using all comma's since it makes it feel it is all one ongoing sentence which it isn't. Also I'd advice to use capitals for words such as "i"

Other than that, excellent write, keep up the great work.

Peace, Joe

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