Comments - Bed Of Blood

Sarah ( F ) at 2005-02-13

Hey that was a excellent poem!!! keep up the good work! was this real?

Avellana ( F P C D ) at 2005-02-13

wow, so sad!

Paige at 2005-02-13

wow... this was amazing. so much feeling and it was just amazing. wow.

kayla at 2005-02-13

that was so sweet. SO sad...had me in tears....but i wonder what the letter said?????? ~*Kayla*~

shyann ( F P C ) at 2005-02-13

your poem touched my heart in a lot of wayz i juss want u 2 noe that ur n excellent writer n u have a lot of talent keep up tha gud work!!!!!!

Bree at 2005-02-13

wow amazing! this was great i loved it!

~*░Christina░*~ ( F P C D ) at 2005-02-13

that poem is truly amazing...its SOOOO tragic but rly, how did you come up with it? you definetely have talent...i luved it...a 5, no doubt =)

keep writing (",)


caitlyn ( F ) at 2005-02-13

o my friggen god thats the sadest most amazing poem i've ever read! its so sweet and ,and.... omg i just love it ! but now its killing me to know what HER letter said!!! maybe you could do like a poem on her letter :P :) dont have to if ya dont want to but i think it would be amazing. good job

Krystal Ross ( F ) at 2005-02-13

wow this brought tears to my eyes, its so well writen keep up the good work i hope to read more from you keep in touch lots of love krys.

Kerry Sharpe at 2005-02-13

brilliant! I was nearly in tears litrally! keep it up. sad but a lush poem. True Love.x

astrid at 2005-02-13

this is a great poem but what expired you to write it?

awnser at =

Ryan ( F P C D ) at 2005-02-14

omigoodness, that poem left me crying. it's so good. i liked it alot, keep writtin

jennifer ( F P C D ) at 2005-02-14

Oh my god I think that the sweetest most heartfelt most sad poem I have read lately it had so much emotion wow! You deserve way more than a 5.. amazing and heartfelt

Kayla ( F ) at 2005-02-14

Thank Ya'll all SOOOOOOO much!! i got the inspiration from my boyfriend pretty much. But only the part about how much they loved each other and stuff. The other stuff just kinda came to me ya know? It just came from my heart because i am a romantic and i believe in true love and i also like to add a little drama too it. So thanks sooo much for everything and i love yall sooo much!! if yall want to e-mail me my address is and i also have yahoo messenger my screenname is bfs_tigerchick. well thanks so much and i WILL be reading yall's poems also. i love yall!! i hope to get some emails from yall!! sorry im saying yall so much i am a contry guurrrrl!! LOL!! ok thanks yall!! bye!!

Ashley at 2005-02-14

Wow thats awesome!

Hollie at 2005-02-14

this was beautiful...there really are no words...this poem touched me and i had a REAL good friend die in an accident not too long ago and this poem basically sums up that....thank you for the awesome writing.....keep it up...youve got talent!

alicia at 2005-02-14

omg this is awesome it brought tears to my this made up or a true story?

Katriona Gates at 2005-02-14

oh my gosh!! im crying!!!!!! that is so that a true story??( oh please let it be made up)
that was really great you keep up the good work oky? good, i wanna hear more.......... im going to bed.

Superior Jackson ( F ) at 2005-02-14

The only thing I can say is DAMN that was deep.

Rozzy ( P D ) at 2005-02-14

I loved it!!!gosh thats awesome!!!!!thats reallllyyyy good!!lol

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