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amanda at 2005-02-22

omg i love this poem it is so good i wish a guy would write a poem for me like this. You have talent keep it up.

Shenoa ( F P C ) at 2005-02-22

omg, that was so sweet. awww, I LOVED IT! im a weakling for disney stories... and i loved this poem soo much. amazing job. i loved it...

Michelle at 2005-02-22

I wrote one sort of like this! Mine is called Fairytale should check it out if you get the chance. I really liked your poem by the way....very cute!

»«¤ß詤»« ( F P C D ) at 2005-02-22

omg this rocks!!!!!! its kool u no all da best fairytales!!!!! haha i love disney and i love this poem!!!!!!!! brilliant work this is awsome!!!!!! >>5/5<<
bec xXx

anna at 2005-02-22

awesome you are soo sweet I wish the guy i like acted like that awesome ur sooo cool
you cheered me up
there is some hope in the guys in this world

Natasha at 2005-02-22

WOW!!!! that was BEAUTIFUL!!!! nice job!

laura at 2005-02-22

wowwww thats the best poem ever!! i love it!! well done n keep up the good work!!! xxx

Erica Kristen at 2005-02-22

That is really good, Yoy are very creative.. Keep it up and i hope you get your princess

Cera at 2005-02-22

HEY! I really liked you're poem! I thought it was so cool! lol :) Keep writing! bye!


Gretchen at 2005-02-22


Tavitha Chacara at 2005-02-23


my blue eyes cry ( F P ) at 2005-02-23

that was extremly good. and so cute. keep up the good work. i loved it that was def. a 5

~ brittany

Tessie at 2005-02-23

Ohmygosh!! That has got to be the sweetest most romantic poem I have ever read!! Whoever you wrote it to is a very special girl and I hopen she cried over it!! (lol) You're an awsome writter and have a great imagination...keep writing.

Nickie ( F P ) at 2005-02-23

I really liked this's very cute and did a great job writing it and I could tell from this that you really care about's very cute! I deff give it a 5! I'd give it higher if I could but I can't! Keep up the good work! Loved it!


Kiley at 2005-02-23

that was the sweetest thing i have ever read! i wish some guy would write that for me!! you have gotten all the girls' votes for sure.

Ben at 2005-02-23

Its really good. Keep up the good work.

alisha at 2005-02-23

I love that poem, it is so good! did you get her?

Danielle at 2005-02-23

i love this poem i give it a 5!!!!!!!!

crystal at 2005-02-23

awwwwwww!!! ok now that was beautiful!!!! i need to find a man like you! if someone ever said that to me
i think i would probably just cry
that was such a beautiful poem, this girl lisa, is soooooooolucky to have someone like you in her life! this was such an awesome poem! i give it a 5!
LoVeS & PeAcEz

krystal at 2005-02-23

That poem is one of a kind. You got skills. I love it. keep up the amazing work. Your talented.

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