Comments - They never knew

Bubblelicious at 2005-05-13

wow you really wrote this?.. its so sweet.. hope that it wasn't true.. good job on it..

thato at 2005-05-13

this is not only good but also very toching and i think you have the potential to publish a book of your own and take the world of poetry by storm.very good NICKIE!

Summer at 2005-05-13

wow -- goosebumps and tears

=) i like it

Catherine at 2005-05-13

i loved your poem. it touched my heart and im thinking about telling the one that i really really care about the truth instead of just ignoring him when he says it. thanks for letting me figure that out with your poem

aisha heyward at 2005-05-13

wow am still cryin that was so deep

Kincaid at 2005-05-13

Very good job! Though this rarely happenes to people, they need to know. You got some real talent there.

Kiki ( P ) at 2005-05-13

This is a very good poem!! Keep up the good work 5/5

Taiyyibah Malik at 2005-05-14

I am glad its not a true story because if it was it would be very sad... but good job nonetheless

Ayah at 2005-05-14

Hey nickie,i love you're poem it's excellnt,but it tore my heart two parts,but it's one of the best things read,O'm serious,keep it up,Take care!

Narlie Rojas at 2005-05-14

this is a great poem and it happen to me i was in love with a guy for five years i never told him and i guess that hurt him because he got away from me and its right tell the one you love that u love them cuz maybe they love u back and u just hurt eachother

Ayah at 2005-05-14

Hey nickie,i love your poem,adore your talent,its a wonderful piece,one of the best things i read,but i can tell you,it tore my heart into two parts,but still its da best :D,keep it up,takecare!
Check out my work if you'd like...

Amanda ( P ) at 2005-05-14

that waz wonderful! now i know wat choice i should make with my guy friend


Shana at 2005-05-14

This poem was so sad, but somehow so romantic. It's made me cry, you have a way with words. I hope you keep writting, you ould become a great poet writter, more than you are now. :D

Karisa at 2005-05-14

thIS IS A SAD pOem but i love it! Good Job on it i hope you know that this poem mad me cry lol

kaykay at 2005-05-14

i think its soo sweet!!! its cute!!!! nice work your really great at poetry!

Sierra~ICE~ ( F P ) at 2005-05-14

This poem is so true, you should always tell someone when you love them, because if you wait to long, it might be to late. I loved your poem, it almost made me cry, because it really makes you think. Keep up the good work, you are very talented.!.

Dorys at 2005-05-14

Your poem was really good, congratulations!!!!!!!!

*~babyboo~* at 2005-05-14

this is the best poems i've ever read you are vary good and i love this so far its my fav. and i give you a 5/5 it the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashlee at 2005-05-14

That's so sad. You write awesome poetry dude.

cassie at 2005-05-15

WoW...this was a great poem, and its exactly right, if you love someone you have to tell them, your a great writter!! 5/5

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