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sara at 2005-05-20

this poem almost made me cry! it deffenatly makes me think twice about "unprotected sex"

Sxcbabe at 2005-05-20

Jodi what you went though must have been hard but what you have to show you should be proud. Keep up the good work hunni and never doubt what others may say. Love Kirsty

Crystal Henry at 2005-05-20

I loved the poem, and the fact that is a true story makes it even better. i am a single mom of a four year old we have been by ourselfs this whole time and i had her when i was fourteen and i love her to death i wouldnt change anything. I have alot of props for single mothers cause it is alot of hard work. Congratulations on everything i know its not easy but u do what u have to do.....

Hannah at 2005-05-20

Woah, it sent a chill down my spine, brilliant!

rebecca at 2005-05-20

I like your poem it was great!!

lindsay at 2005-05-20

good poem my friend in the world right now

Olivia at 2005-05-20

Im so glad that you shared that poem with us. It is very touching in so many ways, my mom went through the same thing so me being the child I would know and feel you pain, and it is way harder then it seem, mentally and physicallly. All I have to say is stay strong and in the long run it will get better, and if anybodys wants to talk down on you, you keep your head high, because that does not make you a bad person.

melissa at 2005-05-20

That poem is Great!!! I was also a teen single mother.i heard the i loves n the ill be theres, but it didnt happen. I kno other girls went through it, but its nice to see something like this. Its helps. Ur son is lucky to have a mom like u.

Lola peaches at 2005-05-20

really good poem its beautiful and your very talented. only thing is do u not feel by putting that on here and glamoursing teenage pregnancys so that young girls will read it and think its all ok to do it and not see the hard time u must have gone through? sorry i dont mean to critis you i understand truly the boat your in.

Lindsay ( C ) at 2005-05-20

Hey there...i have just read your poem and i think its great! and i bet your a great mother too. You have a good talent so keep up the good hard work your putting in to the poems and looking after your son!

Lindsay x

Kristina Cook at 2005-05-20

Hey, that was such a great poem. If I was in the situation that you were in, I would of done the same thing. I'm 16 and not to long ago I became pregnant, but I lost it and it was really hard on me. So I hope that you and your son have all the luck in the world. Just keep up the good work and don't let any one bring you down.

Cristin at 2005-05-20

WOW! That's really sad but I'm glad that you kept your son and your teaching him well. Obviously his father didn't really love you and you can do better. I hope to hear from you and tell your son i said "HI!"

Lala at 2005-05-20

Hi ur poem meant alot to me. I thought it was magnificant. thanks for sharing it

Alaura at 2005-05-20

i liked this poem because it is very touching and it makes me think twice before laying down wit a guy who says he loves me without trully knowin it

Hazel at 2005-05-20

YOur poem is realy good...Im sorri to heat that you went through such pain, but you inspire me ...thank you!!!

Amanda at 2005-05-21

wow this poem is madd good and u went trough a lot gurl. i just gotta give u props 4 bein strong and not lettin any thing put u down. cuz i am 13 and at this age manny of us r goin trough peer pressure and are forst to take actions like dat and i am proud dat u still did not care bout him and u did u and toke care of ur son

martina foust ( C ) at 2005-05-21

this poem was great i really liked it i felt like i was in your shoes i wish you and your son the best

Andrea at 2005-05-21

Wow..I know someone like that and I feel sorry what you had(have) to go threw.:(:)

prepzrock!! at 2005-05-21

that was a really good poem. i could really feel your pain.
it was kind of wierd though b*cuz im 14 right now...and my boyfriend is 15. so that part was wierd for me. but it makes me see how much i am really not ready.
but it was a great poem....5/5.
keep writin.buh*bye!!

-·=»‡«=·-R€N€€-·=» ( F P C D ) at 2005-05-21

awww...thats a wonderful poem and so heartfelt...i'm glad u dont take ur son's father's mistakes out on your son and you only teach him not to do as his father. keep ya head up.
much luv,

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