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Amber at 2008-05-01

That mad me totally cry
im completly serious
that is so freakin good!!!

Adriana at 2008-06-22

This is Poem was really sad but it mean soo much.

FragilexHeartx ( P ) at 2008-07-18

This was so good!!!!!
My nose is red from crying!!!!!!
Keep up the great work!!!!!!

DarknessInMySoul ( D ) at 2008-07-19

That was absolutely amazing. 5/5

blankheart ( F P C D ) at 2008-07-24

that was incredible. i honestly cannot describe how amazing that was. seriously. fantastic work!!!!!

ateRachie ( P ) at 2008-08-01

THE most touching poem i've read.

Patricia at 2008-09-04

That was a a great poem, it was really sad..i liked it..great job!

WithYouForeverAndAlways at 2008-11-09

This is one of the best poems that I have ever read. I can't describe it. It's amazing. Keep up the amazing work!!

M00TM00T ( F ) at 2008-12-20


Libby at 2008-12-30

Woah, this poem is one of my favourite poems. This is really well written with a fantastic flow :)
Great Job! 5/5

chinds ( F C D ) at 2010-08-01

The only poem that has made me cry ...
it was so touching, so sad, so amazing.

i liked how each part of the poem was from a letter from a different person, you pieced it together really well, and i still cant believe i cried... it was really touching. ive never cried while reading something before, your poem was the first. it was perfect!

Shamia at 2011-05-28

WOW!!! I'm crying!! This poem is the best I've read thus far!!!! I loved the pace, the story, it wasn't drawn out & yet it was so heartfelt and straight to the point....written beautifully!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!

Jenni ( F P C D ) at 2011-06-06

This was the first poem i've read on here and i loved it from the start. It's really creative and very touching. Being so well written makes reading it a pure enjoyment. Thanks for sharing! =]

manzoor ( C ) at 2012-02-22

Realy its t0o go0d. .it maked me cry. .very nice

che at 2012-02-28

Great. touching and artistic.

che at 2012-02-28

It was great. touching and artistic.

ami at 2012-03-16

Best poem I ever read
Really loved it

ami at 2012-03-16

Best poem I ever read
Really loved it

anna at 2012-05-21

That was beatiful. (:

anna at 2012-05-21

That was beatiful. (:

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