Comments - I will still love you...

kylah at 2005-07-17

amazing...i am in love with this poem i think its beautiful=) good work=D

vanillachocolate(Gina Marie) at 2005-07-17

This was a very good poem you did an excellent job. i can relate real well to this and for that i gotta give you your props. keep up the good work. -Gina Rivera aka VanillaChocolate aka Captin Gin .lol.

Paige Donahue at 2005-07-17

hey i like dis poem it makes me think alot your a great witter keep on doing what you are god at kk buh byes!

Justin Groft ( F ) at 2005-07-17

Im sorry, you guys are all ridiculous. I know everyones going to hate me now, but the rhyme scheme was AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, etc, etc, etc. I am crying. This was unoriginal, unrhythymic, un poetic, and he said screaming about seven times. You guys are all saps.

All hate mail should be sent to, go out and read some real poetry. Have a nice day!

nick at 2005-07-18

i love this poem... UR BRILLIANT check out my poems and tell me what u think...keep up the good work

nick at 2005-07-18

i love this poem... UR BRILLIANT check out my poems and tell me what u think...keep up the good work

Katrina Szentes at 2005-07-18

Justin you are stupid. i looooooove this poem.5/5............KEEP WRITING!!!

Katie R at 2005-07-19

That was fantastic a true picture of hard tragic but all conquering love

Cynthia at 2005-07-19

it really doesnt make since sorry

Kasey at 2005-07-20

OH MY GOD!! What a strong poem! I feel just he same :( doesn't love suck :( Wow I really do love this poem! Good work :)

Eckoz ( F P ) at 2005-07-20

dude, this poem is really cool. but i think greed day sucks.but the poem still rocks.\m/-_-\m/

Richelle at 2005-07-20

it's really inspiring.. and it struck my heart coz i feel the same way too right now..

lamaria at 2005-07-20

i really llike this poem

ashley ( F P ) at 2005-07-21

i love this poem, i feel like this with my current boyfriend sometimes, sometimes i wonder whats really going on between us... i know i love him, i know he loves me, but whats between the lines that i can't see?

ashley ( F P ) at 2005-07-21

totally a five though, i'm gonna check out some more of your poems! pretty good for your age, loved it! awesome keep up the great writing and the awesome work!

*emmax* ( C ) at 2005-07-21

one of the best poems i have read so far. thanx for the good stuff

Nouna ( F C D ) at 2005-07-21

i thot it was gr8.. thumbs up
keep on writing!!
take care

Sarah*utie at 2005-07-21

oh my ghees thats soo beatiful that makes me cry with tears of pain and with the fear i throw away this is a poem i will never forget

chelle ( D ) at 2005-07-21

OMG!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!...sorry i am pretty much speechless...i REALLY REALLY LOVED IT!!

jayme marie at 2005-07-22

omg! thats so perfect! i love it. i wish i could write poems like that. can you do me a favor and look at my poor pathetic work and give me tips on how to make it better? your an amazing poet. thank you.

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