Comments - Dear Diary

H0RRiBiLiTY BY ACCiDENT ( F P ) at 2006-10-29

Woow ... that's just amazing !
Great diary-idea!
It's beautiful ! Keep up the good work ! respect

[sarah]in love. ( F C ) at 2007-01-29 adorable...
keep writing.
love, sarah

Cassandra Wojick ( C ) at 2007-02-02

Amazing job, it's a very sweet poem... truly beautiful

baby.bluestar ( F D ) at 2007-02-13

Oh my god!!!! first poem in ages that gave my shivers!! that was sooo amazing! i loved it loved it loved it loved it!! heheheehe

~We Hate Players~ ( C ) at 2007-02-26

This is so sweet!! great emtion!! i love it


The lil angel ( F C ) at 2007-05-03

Sweet poem......

Julie ( F C ) at 2007-06-25

Awww..... this is sooo sweet. i loved it.

Kenny ( F P C D ) at 2007-10-01

Nice poem! Love It!!

Khanyisile Cele at 2007-10-17

This poem was good. Sad at the beginning but with a happy ending. You are really good.

li1vi3tba11a at 2008-06-20

Hahaha I am at work right now and I've been reading ur poems since yesterday until now, yes! I am very free...I guess u can say that lolz...Aniwayz All ur peoms, each and everyone is so MEANINGFUL, POWERFUL, EMOTIONAL, HEARTTHROBBING, it send chills through my back everytime I finish the last line...I can't believe u are only 18 and since u first joined this website in 2005, that makes u 15 when u just blow my minds away! You are the only person I added as favorite so far...

Aniwayz why did I decide to leave a comment now? but not for the other ones...well because this poem started off as sad, unlike most which started off as HAPPY NORMAL, and has a happy ending...I thought they were gonna kill themselves or something, but instead they have a kid together, thats so beautiful! I wonder how u look like lolz

cZaRiNa ( F P C ) at 2008-10-03

WOW!!!! a-ma-zing..I loved it....liked the idea of using the diary...Keep up the good job...!!5/5 ^_^

Strawberry Lemon ( F P C ) at 2009-01-03

WOW!!! This is an Excellent Poem, ver sweet and touching. Honestly Great work. Im Speechless.

bob at 2009-11-24

Whoa... this one is just fantastic... beautifully written... no sarcastically profound words... just good...

allex0r at 2014-10-31


ketaki at 2016-07-21

Well written, misunderstanding parts away but true love will not let go....... enjoyed the poem

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