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katelyn at 2006-05-13

Oh my gosh.
i dont know how old you are
and ive only read two of your poems so far
but they are both amazing

lemme tell you a little story, i had a boyfriend. and i liked him a lot. but i broke up with him, and i cant ever really explain why to anyone. and i used "just friends" and i want to go back. and this poem just *WOAH* reminds me of me.

idk if theres a way to like add friends or favorites [im new to this] but you are my favorite for sure.

i usually dont read poems all the way through, unless they are good, and urs are super good.

->> Katelyn. :]

Charlotte at 2006-05-22

Awww omsgh i really like this poem! i added you to my favorites hope you dont mindd!...I was also kinda hoping could give me a few love quotes..see theres this boy and im sure oyu know the have my 5!

Nate ( C D ) at 2006-05-23

Very moving poem. You captured the essence of a lost love.

hopeless08 ( C ) at 2006-05-24

I love this poem. It's great. I can relate to it.


hopeless08 ( C ) at 2006-05-24

I love this poem. It's great. I can relate to it.


veronica at 2006-05-26

Great job

TouchOfLove at 2006-05-27

Hey! This is such a great poem! You've done a great job with it. And i only hope things get better for you.

Chloe at 2006-08-10

That is a beautiful poem!! it's great and im sorry if u feel tht way!!! just remmeber darls, there are always more fish in the say!! lol loved it! keep up th good work! xoxo

ღNemOღ ( F C D ) at 2006-09-06

Aww, hun! this is incredibly amazing!!!!!!!

very sweet of you to write...the best poems you write are those that come from the bottom of your heart...these are the real heartfelt poems =)

I love the third and the last line..DUH! the poem overall is VERY amazing!
even though your second line is repeated in other poems...but that doesn't stop the poem of being so great ;)

You Keep Up Your Nice Work
Best Of Luck
NemO xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chelsea Renae ( F P ) at 2006-09-24

Wow I relate to this so much, my best guy friend started going out with this girl and now it feels like I don't matter anymore and it just really sux!

¤~♥ღintRepId_but_hoPeLess ( F D ) at 2006-09-26

I hope I could cheer you up... It is really toouching...... Truthful... Speechless me ....

Just another outcast ( F C ) at 2006-10-04

Love this poem. . I can totally relate!! you totally made my favorites

Cassandra Wojick ( C ) at 2007-02-02

It's really good, i wish i could write like that

heather at 2007-02-21

Wow....i know exactly how you feel...all your poems are so great....i love to read them cuz they express things i feel but cant get out......great job...


Brandy at 2007-06-16

FINALLY!!!!! A poem that explains EXACTLY how i feel!! It is so hard to want to be with someone, but they dont want to be with you. And its so hard to know that they want to be with someone else, and you just have to sit there and lie, and say "I'm happy for you." I lied and said, "i like you as just a friend", but it hurts to know that i lied to him, and he never knew how i truly felt about him.

Keep em' coming

Love Fallacy ( F P C D ) at 2007-08-03

I really liked this piece. Really conveyed emotion . Keep up the good work. If you could, check out some of my work. I think you would really like it. Thank you and nice job.

JustLikeYouX ( F C ) at 2007-10-19

5/5 again. Brilliant.

sarah kate ( C ) at 2007-11-15

Wow its so good i love it
top work

Hillary ( C ) at 2008-01-10

Wat n da world r u talkin bout if it sucks dat was really really good!

FinalXBreathX ( F P C ) at 2008-03-27

Wow This is EXACTLY how I feel in every shape and form. I know how you feel. And it seems the more you linger on those words JUST FRIENDS the more it hurts. However time has passed and I have learnt to move on. Well Not to hurt so much when I see him with her.

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