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TearsFallingForOnlyYou ( F ) at 2008-02-11


soooo sweet and sad at the same time

Jessenia ( C ) at 2008-03-03


paying4hermistakes at 2008-03-31

Awesome poem sorry for your loss. Very heart felt.

Hustle Hard ( F C ) at 2008-05-08

Awww! i LOVE this poem. its sad and emotional. but something i felt when somewun close to me died. but you did a GREAT jobb :)

Pink Princess ( F P C D ) at 2008-05-11

Thats really very sweet and also very loving.

each line is very strong and shows deeper the bond the two people had between them and expresses how lonely it is without the other.

thats really lovely and i related to that both in the way of my gran and only having her photo left and also my soulmate who was taken fromme.
you have made such an amzing poem out of this with your words, this here is good talent.

well done and keep writing xx

Chantel at 2008-06-21

O MY GOSH i love that poem it was so good... made alot of thoughts come back.... Keep up the excellent work...

Danny ( F P C D ) at 2008-07-11

You probably wont care that im even commenting because youve already gotten so many but I loved this poem! Makes me feel sad for you! :-( haha I hope I never have to go through this... but of course I will. That's just wishful thinking! haha Great write!

jordan at 2008-08-18

Ur poems r so beautiful

im falling apart without him ( F ) at 2009-01-05

Aww this is so cute and sad at the same time... it really reminds me of me and my ex boyfriend

xX the left behind Xx ( F C ) at 2009-02-04

It was sad..and emotional..
but it was an awesome poem.
keep up the good work. :)

john ( F P C D ) at 2012-01-21

I like it it has great purpose and has great meaning great work

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