Comments - How Could I Ever Leave You ( Collab)

Sweet lig ( F P C D ) at 2007-11-09

Wow i was captivated... the whole stanza are truly expressed the great emotion. specially i was enjoyed the last lines....... very impressive and fabulous work 5/5

LandiCordier ( P C D ) at 2009-01-08

Hey Cindy, how have you been? i hope you remember me, i used to narcissa?!? your writing just keeps getting better, its as if your poems swallow me! i get lost in them!

you really are a truely great writer! thanks for all the inpiration you have given me!

all my love

narc xxx

Italian Stallion ( F P C D ) at 2009-03-05

Wow Cindy, what a heartfelt write. When I read your work on here I am always amazed by the pure beauty you portray with your vivid imagery. I loved your choice of words and the overall flow as well.

However; I would've liked to see some punctuation within this piece. Punctuation is very important in poetry, it lets the reader know when to pause or stop as well as adding to the overall flow of the piece.

Overall an emotion filled piece which was well written. Keep up the fantastic work!

Peace, Joe

[ Praised by Cindy | Approved by Sherry Lynn ]

NightFlyer ( F P C D ) at 2009-07-31

Very moving to read this, Cindy!!!! Can sense the emotional devastation that the subject of this poem feels, being left by the wayside. This vulnerability and emotion expressed here is sadly beautiful.

Sarah Day ( P ) at 2015-09-16

Felt like you were speaking from my heart- I totally relate to this poem. Good job!

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