Comments - The Last Poem She Wrote

jennifer ( F P C D ) at 2005-05-05

Wow this was an absolutly amazing heartfelt and caring and loving poem long but very well worth the read. The message was so true.. I doubt my boyfriends love alot this poem made me change that perspective. Thanks for sharing this.. 555

Ingrid Soffel at 2005-05-05

wow!that was deep,but also how i feel about this guy.

Beba at 2005-05-05

If this really happened im very sorry. Must hurt bad to have to go through this.Well if u get a chance check out some of my poems rate&comment.Take Care! xoxo

*fading fantasy* at 2005-05-06

Hey amit! Awesome job! that was so great. there were tons of parts I loved one of them was
With thoughts of doubt each and every passing day,
their trust was breaking & their love was fading away.
but the whole thing was incredable...the ending gave me chills. way to go! 5/5 caitlyn

heather at 2005-05-06

This poem is very powerful. You did a great job writing it. Heart breaks do kill. I felt that pain so many times I feel as if I just want life to end, but my friends and family help me hold on!

Great poem never ever stop writing
5/5 Love
Always~ ~*Fr3nchy*~

~Arineh~ ( F P ) at 2005-05-06

heyy wowww i love this poem so much.. i love all of your poems.. its such a big honor to me that someone as good as you took the time to vote and comment on some of my poems.. i think your a great writer.. keep up the wonderful work.. and as you say in every comment.. always believe in love..
<3 always ~Arineh~

Leanne at 2005-05-06

fantastic poem!! thats all i can say, im lost for words....keep up the great work

Robert F ( F P C D ) at 2005-05-06

Dang that was good.It was very,very,very good.

crystal ( F C D ) at 2005-05-06

Dang that is the best ever!!!
way to go!

tiffany ( F C ) at 2005-05-06


Lizzie-beth at 2005-05-06

That was extremely sad! you're a fabulous writer and I love reading your poems. Keep up the good work!


Shawty2deep at 2005-05-07

holli molli
thats good..

marla at 2005-05-07

this poem has so much emotion and thats wh yi like it so much

Shawnda ( C ) at 2005-05-07

Wow this poem was very awesome. I loved it so much.
~keep writing~

Nat the dreamer ( F P ) at 2005-05-07

I love it. It's amazing. The flow is great. I loved how you rhymed and it still makes complete sense. I'm adding you to my favorites if you dont mind.

brittany barker at 2005-05-07

Very well written.very sad. keep up the good work!

Pocket at 2005-05-07

perfect~! very touching and sad- i really lyke your work- try and check some of mine out if you can~ thanx!
<3 pocket~

MarĂ­na at 2005-05-07

Holy crap...that was freaking amazing. Nicely Done! -M

bell at 2005-05-09

this was a great poem. you did a great job. keep up the great work.

Anna at 2005-05-10

Oh my goodness! You know I came to read this because you posted on my first and only poem andI really appreciated the nice comment you made. As I read this poem so much sounded like my life and the problems I'm going through. I loved it and it truly hit something deep down. You have a great talent and you should never give it up. If only I could beleive in love as you do. Thank you sooo much for that, I needed it.

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