Comments - Young Teen Mother

Chijioke at 2005-05-21

Great transcription of emotions into words.

Brooke at 2005-05-21

wow. how old are you now? 26? does the "father" still talk to you? My sister had a baby girl in 2003 she was only 16 so yea. i wish you good luck in taking care of your son, im sure you have done a terrfic job so far.

natasha at 2005-05-21

sooooo like how old r u now??????and that wuz good

nicole at 2005-05-21

This poem is really really awesome! I have a friend who is 14 and she is now pregnant and its really sad! awesome poem!

Ana at 2005-05-21

i have alot of respect for you. I admire that you would do what the best for you,a nd your son. Screw that man. Your son will grow up to be brave, caring,loving,nice,kind,smart,wise- and more. He will be all the things his mother is and much more. CONGRATULATIONS!! you are one of the most bravest peopls i have ever met. You may be a billion miles away, but i will be by your side.

Sammy at 2005-05-21

wow..that was really good...i cant believe that the guy just left....he's such a guessing that you are in your must have been really hard to raise a child all by your self...does your son know who his father is? you are probably a very strong woman because of i just want to say that your poem was AWSOME. and it blew me away...

brittanie at 2005-05-21

OMG thats really sad awsome poem iv though about being a teen mother so i can move out im on 13 but i changed my mind thats really sad i fill bad for ur son and you... well i must go now bye

Ashley A at 2005-05-21

Hi girl this was a really good poem great work i give u a 5/5.

selina alvarado at 2005-05-21

good good good

*Star~Eyes*Ann ( F P C D ) at 2005-05-22

Such a great message for every heart to read. Beautifully done and I admire you for loving your son and never considering giving him up or abortion. This truly showed me you have a loving heart. I tip my hat to you, because raising a child requires so much and you did it. hugs, love, *Ann*

Mercedes ( F P C ) at 2005-05-22

Hi your poem really touched some feelings inside me.It made me open my eyes that life is not as secure as my life has been.I understand what you have been through and I want to say that you must have a lot of courage to move on with your life.Peace to your future.Mercedes

Lindsay ( F P C ) at 2005-05-22

wow that is one of the most touching and inspirational poems i've ever read!

┼¢r¥ing▲§øul╬╧ ( F P C ) at 2005-05-24

i'm not sure what to say...i don't knwo what its like being a young parent and doing it alone...i couldn't do it. You are a very strong person who can really write poetry very well..

joaana at 2005-05-25

i know exactly what you feel

joaana at 2005-05-25

we have alot in common you would'nt believe i hope to chat with you one day

Tiffany Paynter at 2005-05-27

Wow your poem is very powerful it made me cry.... i would love to have the inpiration you have.... Please say hi to your son...!!

*~♥-Jessi-♥~* ( F P D ) at 2005-06-27

awsome poem, very deep, it meant something to me when iwas reading it, i dont know what it meant, but it really did mean something... so very sorry to what has happend. great poem though, keep up the work, k!
LoV, jessi

Amanda at 2005-07-10

hey... i read this poem it reminded me of me..i have a 7 mnth old son named 16 years old... and my sons father had told me that he loved me and then when i was 7 months pregnant..he cheated on me with my best friend... it was kinda nice to read this poem and to hear that im not the only person who had a baby as a teenager... thanks

JLT ( F P C ) at 2005-08-07

*cries* It's beautiful. It's so sad and touching and and i just love it:') Keep up the good work sweets *hugs*


Mr.Lonesome ( F P C ) at 2005-08-10

WoW!!! nice poem n it seems like i have a rele long way to reach this perfect level of writing.

Plz can u read some of ma poems coz i need some advices to be better.

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