Comments - I Never Will Forget You (Extremely Long)

J.B.Heart at 2007-06-07

That was a very touching poem, I really liked it. I like longer poems than short ones. Good Job!


Used n Confussed at 2007-06-07

This is an AMANING poem! ive got tears in my eyes...and taht happend rarely! It is so sad. I really do think it iss unbelivable! Sammi x x x

Chris plain and simple ( F C ) at 2007-06-07

Thats really sad man. did it really happen? or was it just a poem? It must really hurt if it was true. I have a tear rolling down my cheek. strange..havent felt that in a while. well im sorry if it really happened. that happening is something really hard to take in.

Lizzy ( F P C D ) at 2007-06-07

I loved this poem it leaves me thinking, what were the scars from is this related to your life. it was really well written and made me cry. the length didn't bother me AT ALL. so keep up the good work.
Try answering my questions and read sum of my poems.


Gazelle at 2007-06-08

I loved this poem and I can tell you put alot of hard work into it I could never make one this long. Its so sweet and you even put it little thought into ever single sentence. Keep on writing I would love to read more of your poems!

Briana at 2007-06-10

I have no words for this poem. Honestly, It really took my breath away. I actually started to choke up and cry at the end. That really touched me. I loved it.

Nikky at 2007-06-12

This poem is amazing!!it was very touching and inspiring.thank you so much for writing it i hope to see more like this from you soon

Adayenci ( F P C D ) at 2007-06-12

This was one of the gratest poems ever written... it was beautiful. i felt the emotion in it just by reading it.. yeah i was crying it was really sad, yet comforting in a wierd way.. good job..keep it up..

Tylor ( P ) at 2007-06-14

I believe this is the best poem I have ever read... I love it.. very very nice work.. well done

iLOVEkevi at 2007-06-14

I really liked your poem!Im sorry about your loss but the way you expressed your feelings about it was truly amazing!Very nice job!

amylee ( P ) at 2007-06-15

Ur poem was relli good.. the length didnt even worry me.. once i started reading i hadf to get to the bottom no matter wat.. i had tears in my eyes and still do i hope that this did not nhappen to u....

Gabby at 2007-06-15

I really enjoy ur poems it was really sad, but it was great. i hope u the best

shaneez at 2007-06-15

It's very beautiful. very emotional and i'm close to tears..... is this really true

Brandy at 2007-06-16

So, pretty much, all i can say is WOW!!!! That is a really good poem!! You know, normally, if a poem was that long, i wouldnt read the whole thing. But i just started to read it, and i was hooked. I couldnt stop until the end! Thats amazing, and i hope you keep up the good work!!

Keep em' coming!!

grace ( F C ) at 2007-06-16


Courtney Smith at 2007-06-16

5/5 for sure..that was so perfectly written.

keep it up!

courtney xoxo

Jessica ( P ) at 2007-06-17

This is a really good poem...i like it...i read the whole thing and I couldn't stop till I got to the end..I enjoyed reading the poem and it seems to me that u were really depressed when u wrote it..

Anna Marie at 2007-06-18

Truly touching and incredible. I wouldnt normally take the time to read such a long one, but this made want to keep reading and read again now that I'm done.

Joodiee at 2007-06-19

...Woww..that was no liee an amazing poemm..i criedd during it was soo ammazingg..your an amazing writeerr..please writee soo much moreeee


Ecupidmo at 2007-06-20

I put in the consideration of voting for yerr coz this poem of yours really touched me deep down..this is so far one of the greatest,most beautifully poem i have read..!!
and trust me,of coz i would look out for your new poems,Stephen!
keep it up!

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