Comments - Bed Of Blood

LorienElf ( F P C D ) at 2005-02-15

It was soooo beautiful!!!
I was in tears by the end!
i really really loved it!
wonderful wonderful work!!!!!


Janice Brown~©~ ( F P C ) at 2005-02-15

OMG I have tears in my eyes this is such a beautiful poem of true love please please kepp writing its so beautiful

Alex D. ( F P C D ) at 2005-02-15

wow very touching..

Aysha ( C ) at 2005-02-15

great poem.. really loved it i couldn't stop reading it.. full of real emotion.. keep up the good work.. hope u would have a look at my poems.. thx ..

~*Jessika*~ at 2005-02-15

hey that was a very very good poem i loved it, it almost made me cry because it's so touching keep writing you have talent!!!!

booboo at 2005-02-15

Your poem was so beautiful....It almost made me cry....thats such a great poem keep up the good work!

Stephanie aka Shorty at 2005-02-15

Need to make it short and sweet but i was good keep writing and god bless

Amanda DuBois at 2005-02-15

Thats really good!! i wish i could write as good as you!! It must have taken you forever to write.

kala at 2005-02-15

me and my man are apart too, and its the worst thing to ever happen. Hes in prison and so its different from in the poem but still, i know what its like.

Monica (Moni) at 2005-02-15

This poem waz so freakin awesome. I really felt my heart sink when i read it. Some of this stuff in this poem is true about my life because that is what a boy did to me. He was stupid for that too. I can't believe this poem. Well writ me back. My email addrss is

Samantha at 2005-02-15

You'r poem was awsome it actully made me cry because it's so true some people need that special someone keep up the good work

steph at 2005-02-16

That poem was sooooooooo good! i LoVeD it! i LoVe it! lol it's AwSoMe! GREAT job!!!

zena at 2005-02-16

wow.. that was amazing... holy crap.. nice work umm i wish i could actually write.. well as good as you anyway.. good job and keep writing.

Dillon at 2005-02-16

Wow that is such a good poem. Your really good at writing. I really admire your work.


Katrina S. ( F C D ) at 2005-02-16

wow, im kinda taken back, that was really amazing. my and boy and in a long distance relationship but I pray that it doesnt come to anything like that. Keep it up, you must. 5/5. Oh yea, your in my fav's now.

Kayla ( F ) at 2005-02-16

Thank Ya'll soooo much for everthing!! i really do appreciate all this!! i will try my best to keep emailin' ya'll!! Thanks alot!! talk to yall ppl laterz! luvs yall bye!!

Ashley at 2005-02-16

Hey Kayla its Ashley i already read it nat school but its so good i had 2 read it again! luv ya like a sister!!!

maria at 2005-02-16

this is a beautiful poem i loved it and it made me cry

Jimmy at 2005-02-16

congratulations on such a fantastic poem, i find it hard to write long poems in fear of losing the plot, but by your clever passionate love poem's example, i know ill learn a lot, i wonder only one thing and that is the lack of rhyme in some of the verses, i find it hard to use even half ryhmes and prefer not to use curses, and how do you feel about the poem you poured your heart into, how does it make you feel, how does it relate to you?

never give up on something you love, Jimmy

Michelle at 2005-02-16


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