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fAlcOnS rOsE ( F P C D ) at 2005-05-12

that was a beautiful poem i can relate

Karisa at 2005-05-14

This is an excellent poem because i had the same espeirence with the guy i onced loved. He would always think i would be cheating on him and i never did i loved him to death he meant everything to me and i wanted to spend my life forever with him. But i guess our loved fad out he never called or never answered i didnt know what to do but sit and cry each and every night. Thats why i sit and read these poems so i could see how others feel. but this is a good poem i loved it.

Chrysta at 2005-05-19

wow wow have an AMAZING talent and im soo glad you share that with us. this one was beautiful!!!! one of my favorites. 5/5
luv always,

Failed ( F C ) at 2005-05-22

I can't believe i forgot to read this one, it's so amazing, it's beautiful, and yet so very sad.. You have so much talent, and i'm SO glad that you share it with us, we are honoured. Well done on this poem, well done on all of your poems!!
I hope you keep writing, as i will keep reading,

~ Failed

Amanda Linzi ( F P C D ) at 2005-05-26

Hey search for my new poem called An Ex - I hate you! It's on the other account so family and friends don't come across it. :)

Erinn ( F ) at 2005-06-09

hey AMIT.. that was another great usual you always write beautiful poems!! 5/5 of course!! you should check out my new poem "i miss you daddy" Thanks and as you say ALWAYS BELIEVE IN LOVE!!

baby at 2005-06-09

omg so sad one time i was going 2 do something like that but i never went throu with it so im happy i dident because then i would of never meet my bf of a year
also thanks 4 writing me your really cool:)

Brook ( P C ) at 2005-06-26

Really good...keep it up! thanks for commenting on my poem!

<3 Brook

yuniardi ( C D ) at 2005-08-03

wow... this poem very nice.. i like it...

Angel_@_Heart ( C D ) at 2005-08-11

This is just a fabulous poem!
It's kinda long but it never get's bored.
It's really sad but that just shows me how you putted your soul into it and made one of the most beautiful love poems I ever read,,
I love it!


CinnamonTwirl ( F C D ) at 2005-08-16

absolutely beautiful, hey...remember me...yea...i definately keep takin like...a month off between poems, but i just wrote another one and if u could read it that would be great. i value ur opinion. hope all is well. -katrina-

anna at 2005-09-20

Very nice poem thank you by the way 5/5

TeNeka at 2005-10-12

I love this poem 2 death its so sad and filled with feeling

Irresistible_Poison at 2005-10-29

Great poem! It feels like whooa--,keep writing!If you have some time,could you comment on mine plzz?I would really appreciate it. Thank you xx

Sarah ( F C ) at 2005-11-04

Oh My God!!!!!!!!
That was AMAZING!!!!!
I loved every word of was so sad..but every line took you deeper into the story..
Keep up the great work...I havent written in a while..but you should most definitely read some of my poems..i value your comments.
Take care,

§ The Only Rose In This Desert §

Heidi Berlin ( F P C ) at 2005-11-05

Wow ... =|

Mahamed at 2005-11-06

What a wonderful Poem Amit..i really enjoyed reading and i give you 100/100 perfect Amit...and it's really touched my heart and sure i belife in love thanks for sharing with us at this lovely poem keep it up Amit.


I Love You Tonight at 2005-11-10

I honestly think this is an amazing poem. one of the best i've read. and i don't normally read long poems unless the first paragraph catches me. i really LOVE it.. greattt job

bharti ( F P C D ) at 2005-11-17

Another awesome poem! nice work.
nice story with very strong feelings. i didnt know that a guy can feel so deep and i would get 1 on this site.
keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

Invisible Man ( F ) at 2005-12-19

Wow that was the most beautiful, amazing, and perfect poem I have ever read 5/5 if I could i would do 10/10 that was pure genios!

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