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leanne at 2007-05-24

A extremly touching poem i love your style i wish i was as good as you.

XxFallenxFromxGracexX ( F P C D ) at 2007-05-26

Sucha tradgically beautiful peice!!! well done!!!
luv fallen

jmariet at 2007-06-07

Wow.. where did this story come from?
its amazing.. to me there was alot of sensory
images in there believe it or not.. i really
pictured everything in my mind... wow!

Brandy at 2007-06-16

Wow, that is such a great poem!! It is so sad, but true. It just goes to show how far some people will go for their true love. Your an amazing writer!!

Keep em' coming

Rookie ( P D ) at 2007-07-22

Its so awesome
man it makes me cry

P_isgone at 2007-08-18

Damn man... truly amazing... you got a grown man teary-eyed... shit, haha.

c 0 n f u s e d ( F C D ) at 2008-02-16

Excellent job! the ending was awesome. :)

Gladys Venegas at 2008-02-17

Wow that was sooooooo... good i'm actually about to cry i'm serious!

Im In Love What Can I Say ( F P C ) at 2008-02-23

Aww this is a sad poem. I love it. I just hope it isnt true.

I said I can't love you, I'm sorry, I tried
It was her left eye that teared, but her heart that cried.

^^ thats a heart touching line. I love that line out of the whole poem. Great job. 5/5

christine ( C ) at 2008-03-21

OMG! i love that! outstanding job!!

xxSweetDreamsxx at 2008-04-08

Omg i cried when i read this... this is an amazing poem very nice job


Fyri at 2008-04-08

Man i am crying it is so good. i love it. it hit me really hard. because my friend killed herself over a boy she loved.

The Stationary Movement ( F P C ) at 2008-04-14

Very, very good story! Amazing...the only thing I would say is that you have some weird uncomplete lines for the sake of rhyming...and she accepts it way to quickly, otherwise this is very good and I can understand all the attention :P great!

L3AH ( C ) at 2008-06-27

Omg i loved this poem really good job

sarah jane vapor at 2008-07-21

You make me cry..good job. I couldnt belive that there have such a wonderpul author like you.more powers

xOInLoveWithYouxO ( F P C ) at 2008-12-10

Omg! This is the best poem i've seeen. its awesome and very sad.
good work

asian babe ( F C D ) at 2008-12-17

Omg..this poem almost made me cry.

Goob ( F P C D ) at 2010-04-03

I am actually new to this site and new to writing poetry, but I love dramatic and emotional stuff that moves me, and this definitely was emotional and very deep!! Wonderful job! :)

Luciana at 2010-11-23

This is amazing, i almost cried .
good job !

Luciana at 2011-03-01

My favorite poem of all time !

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