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dancer_chick ( F ) at 2005-10-10

I think being in that position has to be very hard. You should have never got pregnant in the first place, that was not wise, but you handeled it well. You are a brave teenager. Many teens just automatically get abortions, but you spread the word. Having a kid is not so bad after all.
Love you, and good luck to both of you.

Heidi Berlin ( F P C ) at 2005-11-13

That's so sad! but you did a great job. I hope your son is doing great, and I hope you are too!


Heidi Berlin ( F P C ) at 2005-12-16

Awwe! i'm so sorry to hear that that guy left you, but i'm glad to hear that you've rased your son to be a young man... this is such a good poem... I enjoyed it a lot..


_~*LeAh*~_ at 2006-06-10

Really really inspiational well done!!

Daddys_little_Angel15 at 2006-06-22

I loved this poem it almost brought me to tears after i got done reading it. keep doing well and hold on strong never let your dreams go

nichole at 2006-10-18

That was really good.........i totally loved stepmom (mom)'s story is kinda like that but she has 2 boys and all 2gether since she married my dad has 4 kids..........its always good 2 be truthful..........u did a really good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cassandra Wojick ( C ) at 2007-02-02

I really enjoyed it !

Jessica at 2007-02-02

Wow! I love this poem. It is sooooo real. I cried when I read it. I think you are really talanted. You are a really good person to do what you did. Maybe you should write a book or something.

Elise Cregg at 2007-02-03

This is amazing! I love how you stayed strong through the whole process. I respect you and your son...that man who is left is a total jerk. i have no respect for him.

Wallace ( F P C D ) at 2007-04-06

Very good poem, I really enjoyed it, Great work, 5/5.

Chelsea at 2007-06-24

I am 15 and that is exactly the reason i don't want to get involved with that kind of stuff....God Bless You,and good job,i would be proud.Chelsea

ilu brandan at 2007-07-09

Wow. thats awesome! i hope u& ur son are well & hope u find someone who will treat u better

TheOneInL0ve ( F C ) at 2007-09-03

Aww...teach ur son as a great man:] cuz u're an awesome young mama:Dxx5/5

sexyproudmommy ( F P C D ) at 2007-11-19

Wow. this poem brought tears to my eyes. i am 18 and had my daughter at 17. my life has completely changed and i feel all alone. so i can really relate. i love it!!!

Jessica at 2008-01-09

WOW... YOu poem is amazing and i am in your shoes now well i am 17 and have a ten month old the dads still in her live but sometimes feels otherwise. well i love your poems and if you dont mind i am adding you to my favorites

Danielle at 2008-04-06

You are an inspiration to all of the young teen mothers out have made such a difference in my life just with this poem......u can do it

michael ( F ) at 2008-05-22

That poem was absolutly amasing i hope he can read it one day it would meen so much im sure it was very touching i could feel it in my stomach 5/5 keep it up your child is so lucky to have you

~!~ Mar!ah ~!~ at 2008-06-21

⥠ThAT Is a GuD PoEm BeCauSE It iS So TrUe... HoW YoU ThinK He Is GONna be TheRe BuT TuRns HIs BaCk... I LoVe tHe WaY yoUr poEM iS ReaLiTy AND NoT MaKe BeLiEvE â¥

FragilexHeartx ( P ) at 2008-07-14

OMG I cried!!!
This is REALLY good. And hey, I think that you raising your son alone is very brave! I really admire that. GREAT poem!!!!!

rachel at 2008-10-25

Wow im 15 n i just had a baby 3 weeks ago.. this same thing happend to me except its a baby girl. this poem makes me wanna cry

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