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M2Heart at 2005-07-20

so sweet and heart felt

Pete ( F ) at 2005-07-20


Patricia at 2005-07-20

~*~ Oh MaH God ThIs PoEm Is SoO SwEeT~*~

Chelsea at 2005-07-20

that is beautiful! your going to be the perfect dad! contiunue the great work!

~*fояεvεя αℓоиз*~ ( F C ) at 2005-07-20

aww...this is soo sweet...u'll be a great dad since u have already shown u care. best wishes for the future.

Nouna ( F C D ) at 2005-07-20

aawww.... such a cute, sweet heartfelt poem.. it deeply touched my heart.. u reli got a son on da way?? if so, congrats.. wen's he due??i totally adore ur poem.. gr8 advice 4evry1, reli u r reli gr8.. u gonna be a gr8 parent.. u already are.. i absolutely love ur kindness..
keep up the love
take care
plz comment on my poems if u can.. thnx

Katie at 2005-07-20

Omg, that is truely amazing! Very good!! I love it so much. 5! Take care, God bless.
luv yaz-

Kayla at 2005-07-21

very extiing peoms i know how u feel about bring your frist in to this world that a very inspring peom that you have wrote. because i am in your shoes it sucks but me and my bf have handle do you have any adivse for me about peoms and babyin if so please email

Ashley Patterson ( F P C D ) at 2005-07-21

I loved the poem!!!! Though I do not think I would like my parents planning for my own future without me. That would make me upset. I would not like it very much!!

Jess ( F C D ) at 2005-07-22


Nema ( F C D ) at 2005-07-22

Hey what a beautiful poem!!!!!!!!
i really loved it..touching meaningful and great
you keep ur good work and good luck with the comings!

Sara at 2005-07-23

awwwww such a cute poem if this is real i hope your son does grow up to be a surgeon like u want him to 5/5 keep up the good work!!!!

Dragon at 2005-07-24

Wow - that's really good. Nice one mate, you deserve the 'Excellent' in all it's glory. I wish I could write like that! ^_^* Carry on being as good as you are!

Tammy at 2005-07-24

your poem was simply amazing as i was reading it i had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. great job!!!!!

lainy at 2005-07-24

that touched my heart like no other poem has i will keep this poem for the rest of my life!! if you truely do have a son on the way congradulations hes going to be a very happy little boy with such and amazing wonderful dad like you!!!

nikki at 2005-07-24


zabida at 2005-07-24

this is great poem i realy like it.
if this is true your son will always love you and make you happy.
i realy like to get your comments from my poems and tell me if need to embrove because i am new in to this site.
great job mathew and keeb it up.

ButterflyStar ( F C D ) at 2005-07-24

That's really sweet, you express your feelings really well, keep it up XxXx
Charli ~*~

Samey ( P ) at 2005-07-24

awesome poem! if only all new dads could have that outlook on it. your son is truely lucky to have you there for him! i look forward to reading more of your poems!

Jelly Bean ( D ) at 2005-07-24

This is turly an amazing poem, so heartfelt and wonderful. I do hope you give this to your son because it is nothing less then amazing. All I can say is that i truly love it and if i could give it more than a 5/5 i would. Also I must say this is one of the best love poems i have ever read, truly, truly beautiful. keep writing.
Love always
Jelly Bn

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