Comments - You'll Find Someone Else

Sasha Cruz at 2008-03-31

Very Good. (^_^)

Danielle Elyse at 2008-03-31

Omg thats ADORABLE so freakin cute that like im almost in tears amaxing keep it up...

StuPiD FrEaK at 2008-04-01

~-o____x-~ Really, truly amazing!! It was such a wonderful poem. Very nice! T____T It was so sad though.

pixie ( P ) at 2008-04-01

That was sooo....
immensly depressing.
It had a great flow, though.
Good JOB.

ThErEaSoNfOrLOVE ( F P C ) at 2008-04-04

* * * * *

Tanya at 2008-04-04

Really touching and amazing, keep it up :)

simone at 2008-04-04


Sara Sutton at 2008-04-07

Omg!! that is so sad!!!!
my eyes are watery!!
i love it<3

heather ( C ) at 2008-04-08

I LOOOOVE LOOOVE LOOOVE THIS! completely i almost cried!

Ariella at 2008-04-09

This is really good wow!

Melanie at 2008-04-11

Well I must say, this poem is amazing.
It actually made me cry!

But I really love this poem, good job.

Jen at 2008-04-15


thats amazing! really touching, well done!

christina at 2008-04-15

Woow. this actually made me cry wow.

FragilexHeartx ( P ) at 2008-04-18

Awwww OMG this was so sad!!!!
Tears really came to my eyes!!!!
This was excellent!!!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!

moonlil ( F P C ) at 2008-04-19

Wow, wonderful poem! Very sad in the end.

Nz0 ( F C D ) at 2008-04-19

Wounderful poerty ther, it told a wounderful story
and nice that it leads u to beleive that theyl b in heaven together =D

Lynssey at 2008-04-21

:*( OMG tis brought a tear :(

Nahina ( P ) at 2008-04-22

It's so freakin beutiful! T_T

Cesar at 2008-04-23

Omg i hope ur doing ok, try not to think about it much... dude u got a really big story to tell... u got me dropping tears dude i just love the emotion... 5 star poem... way to go

Hooly Wooly ( F P C ) at 2008-04-23

Wow that made me cry! 5/5

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