Comments - The poet's heart.

Emma ( C ) at 2008-02-21

I thought this was beautiful.
and i know that person said 'poet' was used too many times. but i think that's one of the good things about it, as he doens't have an identity.
it's cool.
well done.

XoXotears of stealXoXo at 2008-02-22

BEAUTIFUL ABOULUTELY BEAUTIFUL thats really all i can say about this poem


nikki ( F P ) at 2008-03-21

I absolutely am in love with this poem. Amazing job! you have a beautiful gift, never forget that. 5/5

lalalailoveyou ( F ) at 2008-08-27

Amazing Job. I loved every part of it. I loved how you used ne'er instead of never. it reminds me of old greats like shakespeare. Once again, fantastic poem. Keep it up

infrangible angel at 2008-09-11

This poem is incredible; to say the least, best poem i have ever read

HOLLY ARMER ( F P C D ) at 2008-10-10

This is why I want to write. Poetry like leaves me speechless.

You convey so much love and devotion, it's heart wrenching. Simply beautiful from start to finish. Well done!

LOnightOJmareVE ( F D ) at 2008-10-14

Gosh! This is the only poem I marked as my favorite!!! It is very powerful.. I've read this oh so many times... but it doesnt get old..It just becomes more more enlightening moremore feeling to feel.. more and more passionate... man, great poem... great idea.. great expression... 100% all stars!

I love Edward Cullen ( F P C D ) at 2008-12-19

I can't believe I finally found it! I read this poem once a short while ago, I was sad when I couldn't find it. I've been looking for it forever! I absolutely adore this poem.

M00TM00T ( F ) at 2008-12-20

This poem is so beautiful i began to cry.

sahar alameddine at 2012-06-15

Marry meeeee :P

Jenavia L G at 2014-01-31

My first love died last year and were not always on good terms we have daughter together she's 6 now.
All I wanted was for us to be a real family and it never happened. He broke my heart many times and made promises he did not keep.
This poem really gives me hope that maybe we will have our chance. I pray that we do.
Some day on the other side.

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