Comments - Bed Of Blood

Tasche at 2005-02-16

wow that was strong it made me cry

NeedzLove at 2005-02-16

omg babe that made me cry, thats a great poem

Keri ( F ) at 2005-02-16

Omg this is sooo gud it made me cry picturing it. *5*

Keri xx

crystle at 2005-02-16

that was a very nice poem you write really well.

william payne at 2005-02-16

very beautiful writing.. made me a lil teary eyed..

Alex at 2005-02-16

that is so emotional
i loved it

Adrienne at 2005-02-16

that was amazing....that was the first poem that actually got me going to print it out because its so amazing....

suzanne at 2005-02-16

very good was it true ?if so i feel bad for her but it was really good send me more of your writing at

Kelsie at 2005-02-17

wow! your poem is really great, its really sad!! but good job, keep up the good work!!

Samantha at 2005-02-17

That is one of the greatest poems I have ever read. Its so sad but it has so much emotion. I love it. Keep up the great work!!!

*.*Candy*.* at 2005-02-17

hey. my names candice, i was just wondering if that was true or not. like a friend maybe. thanks cya

Frost at 2005-02-17

Hey. My sister an iwere browsing and came across yours. All we could say is, "wow." We were speachless for a minute. We have to say that you are good. It was very well writenn and an awesom piece of work to read. Keep it up. You're meant to do this. :)

Eloise Davies at 2005-02-17

This is a great poem, it made me cry!
BIG up 2 all my peeps xxx

~*Native*Mami*~ ( F P ) at 2005-02-17

Holy shit that was good...this is how me and my boi omarr are, if he wasnt living this life with me you know damn well i aint gon be stickin round much longer...great work tho, got me all teared up and shit, it was jus awesome!!!...lotta love, peace - Erika

natasha at 2005-02-17

wow...that was a really good poem.. i loved it

Cassie Rodriguez at 2005-02-17

I'm sitting here at work crying my head off... This poems was beautiful.. It goes to show what true love can do to you. Keep them coming. Give you mad props..

Tameka at 2005-02-17

This poem is absolutely beautiful and the person who wrote this must be very talented.

Krystal Sampson at 2005-02-17

i love this. this is very sweet yet sad this kinda reminds me of an old friend ilke it and keep writing or typeing

Jessica at 2005-02-17

wow kayla this was a very good poem i LOVED it alot and it was well written and it had alot of meaning to it. Very sad poem and long but it was well written and fit in by the right words and i loved it alot, so i printed it out and showed some of my friends and these girls started crying and said that it was so good.. so it was a very good poem keep it up.

shannon ( F C D ) at 2005-02-17

wow...haha..and amazing poem..very very made me cry..amazing..keep on writting

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