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Mikha at 2008-04-24

TinyDancer46... I loved all your poems... Quotes... I loved it... Thank you... I wish you would make more... from- Mikha (HeLeFtMe)

Quniqwa at 2008-04-25

I really like this poem!

abhinavdubey at 2008-04-25

it really a touchy one.........
i hope u will like my also.......
there is link of please go through it ones......
i am waiting for your response.........

xo kisses xo ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-28

That poem was absolutely amazing!
i couldn't take me eyes off the screen.
i could feel so much emotion in it.

xo kisses xo

Steven Bennien at 2008-04-29

*sigh* Such passionate heart-felt poetry, it made me cry with such shame and regrets, for I am that girl even though I am a guy, I have rejected this girl so much, even when she's so beautiful, so lovely, so kind, just because I am afraid to hurt her. You got a 5/5 out of me, and it did not come free, for I cried the first time in three years when I read this. Congrats. on your poetry, looking forward for more of your poets.

Abigail at 2008-04-29


NaDIa aka SYuNa at 2008-05-01

Good job there..

Conrad ( F P C ) at 2008-05-01

Wow that left me in tears. I'm very impressed.

HeSaysHeFellForMyEyes at 2008-05-01

just... great. really great

nana at 2008-05-02

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that poem

Tiffany ( F C D ) at 2008-05-02

That was so beatiful! the tragic ending was woven in so beatifully, i just loved it. Great work!

angela cutrer at 2008-05-03

This poem is very heart felt.

andi at 2008-05-09

Your a fantastic writer!! keep up the good work!

Caitlyn at 2008-05-10

I really like it...its deep but sweet

rjane ( D ) at 2008-05-11

Sooo00 great and wonderful.. cant wait to see more from the author..

RaiNe at 2008-05-11

..hiya there
..yOu've wrote tHis poem good

life is a soundtrack at 2008-05-25

This literally gave me chills. in a good way :)

Bettina at 2008-06-06

You really gave me thi chills with this one hon! you really have what it takes!
you ve got TALENT!
keep it u[p]!

kelsie ( F P C ) at 2008-06-19

It made me happy but then it made me cry

i love it that was best poem i ever read

Tom lee at 2008-06-20

Whoa ! I love it !
Its so touching >.<

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