Comments - Bed Of Blood

Jacob Perry ( F P C D ) at 2005-02-18

this is one of the best poems i have ever read in my life and i loved it every word. just amazing keep it up your an amazing poet

Rachael Ann Iler at 2005-02-18

Holy shit! Thats extremely intense. You really did spent a lot of time on it. You should check my poem "Sillhouettes" and "Happy" I've only gotten one vote so far. Spread the word! thanks RAI

Chloe at 2005-02-18

i think this is the best poem i have ever heard or read on this site!!

º¤wItHeReDsOuL¤º ( F P ) at 2005-02-18

Hey I really liked this poem... and thanks for commenting on mine...

lori ( F P C ) at 2005-02-18

i love this poem i have given this sight to a lot of my friends and they have read this they love it we all gave you 5 out of 5!

Rua Francis ( F C D ) at 2005-02-18

OH MY GOD !!!!!!! that was AMAZING ! i dont know what to say !! but i enjoyed ur writing as i was like watching a romantic sad movie ! AMAZING !

keep them up : )

Give ya 5


Kelly at 2005-02-19

I love your poem its the best one I've ever read!!!

nicole ( F P ) at 2005-02-19

WOW that was an awsome poem..i give it a 10 out 5 lol...i loved it keep up the good work and i'll be waiting to read more of ur poems..

Achie at 2005-02-19

i want a copy of this

Tragic ( F P C ) at 2005-02-23

your an amazing writer i got so into this as i was reading it really touched my heart sucha sad story.

crystal at 2005-02-25

oh my god! i almost cried! this is such an amazing poem it truly deserves a 10! you are an awesome writer i love this poem; its sweet and sad, but mixed up together it makes a great poem! keep i up! LoVeS & PeAcEz

Reenie ( F C ) at 2005-02-25


*Sugar* at 2005-02-26

I loved your poem. This is totally a 5!

Alyssia Quinonez at 2005-02-26

that was really good! i almost cried!!!
much propz!

Francisco ( F P C ) at 2005-03-06

I liked this poem. It was real nice, Keep writing. When you can, please read my new poem “Love”. I would appreciate it if you could rate and comment. Thanks in advance. I REALLY appreciate it.

Brittany Dye ( P ) at 2005-03-11

hey i really liked that poem! let me know how you think i'm doing i'd really like to know!! hope to see ur comment


skippys4ever at 2005-03-19

omg that is like the best poem ever!! it is so sad. it is so touching!! your a great writer.

love paige and patsy

lexy at 2005-03-30

omfg that was one of the saddest poems I have ever read in my life....i loved it! lol you are amazing! i gave it a 5!

James ( F C ) at 2005-04-03

how could this be a 4.6? its way to good.... i just dont under stand all this?

Brittney ( F C D ) at 2005-05-08

WOW!!! this poem is totally awsome. It is sweet but sad at the same time. keep up the good work. Always believe in love and trust in God!!

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