Comments - The Last Poem She Wrote

Hidden1 ( F P C ) at 2008-02-28

This poem is so very true. I can relate to thi on all levels. You said it right, doubt can kill a relationship. You are an excellent poet.

xxSnow Angelxx ( F C D ) at 2008-04-02

I am in awe....totally struck!.....very very very well conveyed message!
beautiful peice of art...well cut picture!.....excellent work my friend!
this poem is right into my faves!
Keep writing!

Jaime ( D ) at 2008-08-07

OMG great Poem!!!!

Confused15 at 2008-08-18

It made me cry this poem it is so beautiful i love this poem it is a very good poem. i love this poem!!!!!!!!!!

Demi at 2012-12-30


Demi at 2012-12-30


Demi at 2012-12-30


Rachael ( F P C ) at 2013-11-30

The overall message of this poem is one that we see in life far too much...our own insecurities make us doubt the intentions of the ones we care about, in turn only hurting ourselves more....very nicely written and the message is conveyed well. Great job, keep it up!

allex0r at 2014-10-31

I almost cry, great poem btw!

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